This chart compares turnout as a percentage of the voting-age population in Texas and nationally in various types of elections from 1970 to 2004. Elections occur every year in Texas and often several times over the course of a year. This chart shows that turnout in every type of election in Texas is lower than average turnout nationwide in Presidential elections which averages 52.5 percent during this period--and never exceeds sixty percent. Presidential elections in Texas routinely attract more attention and higher turnout than any other type of election averaging slightly more than 45.4 percent. Gubernatorial elections which coincide with Congressional midterm elections rank next averaging about 28.4 percent. Presidential and gubernatorial primary turnout is lower yet running on average about 18.2 percent and 15.0 percent respectively. Special constitutional elections in which voters are asked to decide on changes to the Texas constitution rank at the bottom averaging a dismal 8.7 percent.