Fall 2020 Intern

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Kayla Alix For State House
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The Kayla Alix Campaign is looking for dedicated and highly motivated individuals to assist and help join the fight to turn Texas blue. This internship will provide an in-depth look into political campaigns and the people who run it. You will learning the in and outs of a campaign and will establish connections with individuals all over the area. This internship will allow you to see the various roles and participate in each aspect of the campaign, from Managerial to Field. You will gain valuable resume and personal experience, for any questions please reach out to the email below.
Application Instructions: 
Please Send Resume attached if applicable.
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Christian Hernandez Christianmhernandez@yahoo.com (737)-708-6257
Type of Internship: 
Political Campaigns
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Christian Hernandez
Expiration Date: 
Monday, August 31, 2020