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Glasshouse Policy
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Glasshouse Policy is working to modernize politics by bridging the divide between citizens and policymakers to create a space for unbiased, informed policy making. Rather than selling tailored policy solutions to the general public, Glasshouse instead works to design community engagement and crowdsourced policy initiatives that engage the community in policy ideation, development, and adoption to create a more engaged citizenry and a more responsive and representative government. Glasshouse Policy ultimately works to introduce new ideas, new voices, and new constituencies into the political space. More information can be found at: This fall, Glasshouse Policy seeks an intern to assist with graphic design projects centered around state and local public policy. The intern will be part of a Glasshouse Policy's policy collaborative between the public, academics, and stakeholders to find mutually agreeable policy solutions to some of Texas' most pressing policy issues. ● Grow social media presence. As a Glasshouse Policy intern, you will manage Glasshouse Policy’s social media presence. On a day to day, you will assist by writing blogs, social media posts, and newsletters. ● Execute graphic design projects. Glasshouse Policy utilizes infographics as a way to simplify complex policy issues for the public. The intern would need to have some experience interpreting policy to create and design infographics and data visualizations. ● Program support. Glasshouse Policy interns will help execute programming by assisting with event promotion, media strategies, and general support. What qualities and abilities does being a Glasshouse Policy intern require? ● Familiarity with managing and growing social media presence. ● Experience in graphic design. ● Strong writing skills. ● A strong commitment to public policy engagement and public interest work. ● A particular interest in how state government policies affect the lives of individuals and communities. Glasshouse Policy interns are generally undergraduate or graduate students and are encouraged to obtain academic credit for hours worked. Intern supervisors provide ongoing training throughout the internship. Previous political or policy experience is a plus. Interns will work about 10 hours per week as agreed upon between the intern and supervisor.
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Interested students should submit a cover letter and resume to Kasey Corpus at
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Current Student
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Program Coordinator, Kasey Corpus
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Kasey Corpus
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Friday, September 29, 2017