Tax Policy Legal Intern

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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$3168.00 monthly
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•Assists in researching tax issues and making appropriate recommendations for the administration of Texas state and local taxes. Assists in Interpreting tax statutes, rules, and policies regarding taxes and fees administered by the division for taxpayers, tax professionals, state officials, and agency personnel. Assists in developing discussion papers on tax issues. Provides assistance to internal and external customers. Interprets requests for information; conducts research; consults with other section or agency personnel; reviews and drafts written responses to private letter ruling requests, audit responses and responds to phone calls. •Assists in drafting and reviewing administrative rules and rule amendments to reflect changes in legislation, hearings decisions, court cases, or agency policy. Assists in completing and reviewing legislative summaries, notices, bulletins, letters or other documents. •Attends and/or coordinates meetings with taxpayers, tax professionals, and industry representatives. Assists in providing legislative testimony on issues related to taxes administered by the Agency. Performs special projects and other related duties as assigned. •Participates with Senior Tax Analysts in consulting with the Administrative Hearings section and Attorney General’s office to ensure the consistent implementation of policy regarding issues that are subjects of hearings. Assists in preparing information to assist the Administrative Hearings section or the Attorney General’s office in preparing for hearings or court cases. Participates in administrative hearings and court cases as assigned.
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State Agency
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Deborah Hardeman
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Sunday, February 23, 2020