This table depicts four different leadership schemes used to determine the leadership of various government agencies in Texas. They vary according to whether election or appointment is used to select leaders and whether there is one leader or more than one, possibly many. These schemes simplify sometimes-complex agency leadership organization. Only a few agencies fill top leadership positions through the electoral process. The Governor with the advice and consent of the Texas Senate appoints the leaders of most agencies. In rare cases the Governor chooses indirectly from someone else's list. For example, the Governor appoints the Fire Fighters Pension Commissioner, with Senate consent, from a list of three to ten nominees submitted by the State Firemen's Association of Texas and the Texas State Association of Fire Fighters. Somewhat differently, the Governor appoints the Health and Human Services (HHS) Commissioner and members of various boards, committees, commissions, and councils under the HHS umbrella, but the Commissioner in turn appoints deputy commissioners to head major departments.