Executive Packages

Compensation of Governors and the U.S. President

Compensation Type Texas Governor Other Governors U.S. President

Salary 115,345 101,420a 400,000
Staff 198 39b 794c
Access to State
Automobile Checkmark 49 of 49 Checkmark
Airplane Checkmark 39 of 49 Checkmark
Helicopter Checkmark 25 of 49 Checkmark
Official Residence Checkmark 44 of 49 Checkmark

Source: Derived from The Book of the States, 2002 (Lexington, Ky: the Council of State Governments, 2000), p.148-9. OMB, fiscal 2004 Executive Office of the President budget request (http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2004/pdf/appendix/EOP.pdf).
a Median salary, all 50 governors. Range: 65,000 (Nebraska) to 179,000 (New York). Texas governor ranks 20th.
b Median number of staff members, all 50 governors. Range: 15 (Nebraska) to 310 (Florida). Texas governor ranks 3rd.
c Total White House compensable full-time civilian workforce, 2002. Total for entire Executive Office of the President: 1669.