Spreading the Power Around

Electing Executives in Texas and the States

Number States Electing

Governor 50 Texas Star
Lieutenant Governor 42 Texas Star
Attorney General 43 Texas Star
Treasurer 37 a
Secretary of State 36  
Auditor 25  
Education Commissioner/Superintendent 15  
Comptroller 13 Texas Star
Agriculture Commissioner 12 Texas Star
Board of Education 7 Texas Star b
Insurance Commissioner 6  
Land Commissioner 5 Texas Star
Labor Commissioner 5  
Railroad Commissioner 1 Texas Star c
Adjutant General 1  

Texas Star Texas
Source: Derived from The Book of the States, 2002 (Lexington, Ky: the Council of State Governments, 2000), pp.161-8.
a Function of elected office of Treasurer, abolished in 1995, shifted to Comptroller.
b State Board of Education's fifteen members are elected by districts.
c Three Railroad Commission members are elected statewide to staggered terms.