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Organized and Uninterested: Groups Shaping Life in Texas
Austin Bonsai Society

Promotes interest in, enjoyment of, and the collection and exhibition of Bonsai. Founded: 1974.
Contact: (512) 266-2655

Austin Memorial and Burial Information Society (AMBIS)

Provides information to help members make affordable funeral arrangements and help consumers plan effectively. Founded: 1964.
Contact: (512) 480-0555

Sherlock Holmes Society of Austin/Waterloo Station

Individuals in Austin who share interest in Sherlock Holmes. Founded: 1985.
Contact: (512) 458-2623

Benign Essential Blepharospasm Research Foundation

Supports research on BEB, a rare disorder characterized by an involuntary forcible closure of the eyelids, as well as related disorders of the facial musculature. Founded: 1981.
Contact: (409) 832-0890

Texas Date Nail Collectors Association (TDNCA)

Collectors, sellers, and traders of date nails, special nails driven into railroad ties and utility structures with dime-sized heads marked with numbers indicating the year laid and the companying laying them. Founded: 1970.
Contact: (979) 830-1495

Trotting Texas Turtles

Killeen-based walking club affiliated with the American Volkssport Association.
Contact: (254) 547-1403

International Brotherhood of Magicians

Magicians' group that seeks to advance the the art of magic for amusement, entertainment, and cultural purposes. Founded: 1957.
Contact: (361) 241-7821

American Society of Dowsers

Promotes the teaching of dowsing and other esoteric studies. Founded: 1986.
Contact: (214) 357-0773

Drums Not Guns

Encourages youth to play drums rather than turn to violence, drugs, or other destructive activities.
Contact: (214) 823-3786

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce

Provides support for developing business ties between Texas and Swedish businesses.
Contact: (214) 823-1116

Texas Gay Rodeo Association

Seeks to elevate the image of gay women and men in the sports field of rodeo.
Contact: (214) 526-1115

American Donkey and Mule Society

Maintains informative websites for those interested in long-eared equines. Founded: 1967.
Contact: (940) 382-6845

Houston Whip Club

Sponsors social dancing, instruction, and volunteer work.
Contact: (281) 412-2256

American Association of Blacks in Energy

National association of African American and other minority energy professionals to promote their input into debate over energy policies, regulations, R&D technologies, and environmental issues.
Contact: (713) 937-8541

Resolve of Houston

Provides support, education, and advocacy to those experiencing infertility. Founded: 1992.
Contact: (713) 975-5324

Texas Chess Association

Promotes interest in chess and sponsors official Texas title tournaments. Founded: 1935.
Contact: (210) 695-2324

International Aloe Science Council

Trade organization serving the needs of the aloe industry.
Contact: (972) 258-8772

Texas Folklore Society

Preserves and promotes the folklore of Texas and the Southwest. Founded: 1909.
Contact: (936) 468-4407

Frito-Lay Employees Association

Provides fitness, recreation, educational and personal development opportunities for members. Founded: 1993.
Contact: (972) 334-7000

Texas Inventors Association

Provides advice for new inventors about developing, protecting, and marketing their inventions.
Contact: (972) 312-0090

Poteet Strawberry Festival Association

Sponsors annual Poteet Strawberry Festival each April. Founded: 1980.
Contact: (830) 742-8144

Southwestern Legal Foundation

Educational organization providing continuing legal and law enforcement education. Founded: 1947.
Contact: (972) 699-9501

Buffalo Soldiers Living History Unit (BSLHU)

Promotes study and dissemination of information pertaining to black soldiers on the Western frontier. Founded: 1987.
Contact: (915) 481-2646

Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas (SPJST)

Czech-immigrant founded fraternal benefit life insurance society that supports a rest home, youth clubs, museum, charitable activities, and educational programs for its members. Founded: 1897.
Contact: (254) 773-1575

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Organized groups without clear political interests tend not to enter the political process, but evidence of their activities is readily apparent throughout society. Nonprofit groups serving the social interests of their membership illustrate the great diversity and social impact of such organizations, though they tend not to influence policy outcomes. Do you, your family, or your friends belong to any of these kinds of groups?

Source: Encyclopedia of Associations. (full source)