This table presents the percentage of judges overall and serving on different types of courts who fall into different demographic categories. According to these figures, the typical judge in Texas is a white male lawyer eligible for membership in the AARP. Overall, slightly more than a quarter (27.6 percent) of Texas judges are women. In percentage terms women are represented in largest numbers on the Court of Criminal Appeals (four of nine judges or 44.4 percent) and the appeals courts (40.5 percent). On the other hand, only 9.1 percent of constitutional county courts are served by women. In racial and ethnic terms the state's judiciary is 83.3 percent white, 2.6 percent black, and 12.9 percent latino with a smattering of representation for other groups. This compares with statewide population figures from the 2000 census which show that 52.4 percent of Texans are white (non-hispanic), 11.5 percent are black, and 32 percent are latino. Finally, Texas judges are generally older, averaging 55 years of age. They have also practiced law for many years, averaging 26 years since first being licensed.