Death Sentences by County:
Death row offenders, as the map shows, seem to come in the largest numbers from the major urban areas of Texas. These include Harris county (Houston), Tarrant and Dallas counties (Dallas-Fort Worth), and Bexar county (San Antonio). Sparsely populated west Texas and rural east Texas counties send relatively few offenders to death row.

Death Sentencing Rates by County:
Capital crimes and population density do not go hand in hand, as this map shows. Numbers indicate offenders per 100,000 in county population sent to death row. Counties in gray without a number have sent only one offender to death row during this period. Many less populated counties send offenders to death row at higher rates than the state's major urban counties. This pattern appears especially pronounced in relatively populous but largely rural east Texas. On the other hand, with a few exceptions, high rates apparent in some thinly populated panhandle and west Texas counties result from small populations, not an excess of capital convictions.