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38. Thomas    D. Manford, Jr.

Thomas Durwood Manford, Jr. (1917-1988) was born on March 13, 1917 in Smiley, Texas to Thomas Durwood Manford, Sr. and Mary Estella Patterson. Mr. Manford married Joyce Price and in the early years of their marriage they lived in the Gonzales County area where his family were pioneers instrumental in the settling of the area.

The Manfords came to Austin in 1941 upon his election to his first term in the House of Representatives. After a career serving as a member in the 47th, 48th, 49th, 50th and the 51st Legislatures and as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Mr. Manford further served the state as an appointee to several boards and commissions. He served as a member of the Industrial Accident Board (1957-1963), as Chairman of the State Board of Water Engineers (1962-1976) and as Chairman and member of the State Board of Insurance (1965-1971). Mr. Manford died in Austin on March 24, 1988, and was buried at the Texas State Cemetery.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: link: Texas State Cemetery.

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