This table shows increasing Republican success in winning election to a wide variety of offices in once one-party Democratic Texas from 1974-2002. In 1974 only about 75 Republicans won in the thousands of races across the state to fill elective offices ranging from US Senator to state representative to county clerk. As the table shows, Republican candidates have since that time met with increasing success at all levels of government in Texas. Today Republicans hold both US Senate seats, all twenty-seven state offices filled in statewide election from the Governor to the Railroad Commission, sixteen of thirty-two US House seats, and majorities in the Texas Senate and House (19 of 31 seats and 88 of 150 seats respectively). Republicans also now hold ten of the fifteen seats on the State Board of Education. At the county and district level, while Democrats still predominate, Republicans now hold more than 1800 of the county and lower court offices up for election across the 254 counties in Texas.