The following was adapted from the "Precinct Organization" document on the Texas Republican Party website. These suggestions provide citizens of any political affiliation with a good guide for participating in political parties by organizing in their neighborhoods.

Volunteer for a Leadership Position
Depending on the size of your precinct, your chairman may designate a leadership team in order to divide the precinct into more manageable districts.
Know Your Goals
Meet all party members, find unregistered party members, know all other party supporters, assist early voters, keep in touch with undecided voters.
Precinct Walking
Establish personal face-to-face contact in order to more effectively convince supporters to participate.
Reach out to your strongest supporters first by starting with areas with the most party members, followed by areas with swing voters.
Get Out the Vote
Call each party member or undecided once between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm over the two nights prior to the General Election. Remind voters of the day of the election and the location of the polling place.
Election Day Activities
Vote early, take care of voters' transportation or baby-sitting needs, report any voting irregularities.