This map shows the percentage of major party (Democratic and Republican) votes cast for Bush in 2000 in each Texas county. The map uses four colors to show the strength of voting for Bush or Gore in each county. Of the 254 counties in Texas, red designates the 218 counties strongly for Bush--where he received more than fifty-five percent of the vote. The 18 counties strongly for Gore--where Bush received less than forty-five percent--are in blue. Most of these are border or south Texas counties, traditionally Democratic, heavily Latino, and often quite poor. In only 18 counties were Bush and Gore within ten percentage points of each other. The majority of these (12) which went for Bush are in pink--those in which he received between fifty and fifty-five percent of the vote. The remainder (6) which Gore narrowly won are in light blue--those where Bush lost but still received between forty-five and fifty percent of the vote. Major urban areas hold the majority of Democratic voters. But the demographics of suburbanization generally result in county-wide Republican majorities nonetheless in places like Dallas County (Dallas), Harris County (Houston), Travis County (Austin), and Bexar County (San Antonio). The most notable exception is El Paso County (El Paso), a border city, which is one of only a very few predominantly Democratic counties in otherwise heavily Republican west Texas.