This table compares turnout in Texas and nationwide in the 2000 presidential election. It draws upon data from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a massive survey of 48,000 households the Census Bureau undertakes every month which provides the basis for unemployment statistics and many other measures of the U.S. population between decennial censuses. In November of presidential and midterm election years the survey design includes questions about voter registration and voting. This table reports estimates of turnout among different types of voters based on cross-tabulation of responses to a question whether an individual voted with demographic information about each person's age, gender, education, race, and family income. Turnout in Texas for almost all categories of voters is lower than for comparable voters nationwide. We can say generally that both in Texas and nationwide the older, better educated and better off you are the more likely you are to vote. Similarly whites and women are more likely to vote than non-whites and men.