This table reports percentages of the voting age population in Texas and the U.S. engaging in various forms of participation. Most common is voter registration. More than seventy-five percent of residents in both Texas and U.S. claim to have registered. Only slightly less common, according to survey respondents, is voting in presidential elections: 68.2 percent in Texas and 73.8 percent nationally. Beyond voting, participation drops off steeply. About a third say they talk to others to try and influence their votes (36.7 percent in Texas, 32.5 percent nationally). Less than a quarter say they write letters to public officials to express their views (22.9% in Texas, 24 percent nationally). And just more than ten percent (13.5 percent in Texas, 12 percent nationally) report displaying political messages via buttons, bumper stickers, or yard signs. Under ten percent report making political donations (7.9 percent in Texas, 9.5 percent nationally) or attending political meetings (8 percent in Texas, 7.5 percent nationally). Less than five percent volunteer to work for a party or candidate (4.1 percent in Texas, 4 percent nationwide).