For each station listed in the first column by call letters, network affiliation, and home city, this table reports the price range for thirty second political advertisements that campaigns of candidates for federal office would face in putting together an advertising campaign across Texas. Assuming candidates wish to purchase time on Wednesday evening between eight and nine pm, column two lists the lowest rate they could obtain from each station, the immediately preemptible rate. At this price, a candidate is not guaranteed that his or her advertisement would run during that hour. It could be bumped in favor of advertising purchased at higher rates such as the top-level rates listed in column three, so-called fully nonpreemptible rates. At the top rate, candidates are paying not just for the possibility of particular airtime but for guaranteed airing of their advertising at the times of their choosing. Column four provides a handy way to compare the size and, from the perspective of statewide and national campaigns, the relative importance of the different media markets in which these stations operate. Markets with many viewing households command higher advertising rates, all else being equal.