This table summarizes the contribution limits imposed by U.S. law on donors to presidential and congressional candidates and by Texas law on candidates for statewide executive office, the legislature, and judicial offices down to the county level. In federal races the key limits are that an individual may give no more than $2,000 per candidate per election while political action committees may give up to $5,000 per candidate per election. Individuals may give $5,000 per year to a PAC or $25,000 per year to a national party committee. But individuals are subject to a combined biennial limit of $95,000 ($37,500 to all candidates and $57,500 to all PACs and parties). Multi-candidate PACs may give up to $15,000 to national party committees. National as well as state and local level party committees can give $5,000 per election combined to candidates and $5,000 per year combined to PACs, but they are otherwise unrestricted in their ability to transfer money between party committees. In Texas, there are no restrictions on contributions except in judicial elections. In judicial races, individuals may give up to $5,000 per candidate per election in statewide races down to $1,000 in district court or statutory county court races in judicial districts with less than 250,000 population. PACs may give up to $25,000 to candidates for statewide judicial office and $5,000 to all other judicial candidates.