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The Second Reading Podcast: A chat with Mark Jones about the THPF/Baker Institute Poll and the 2020 Election in Texas (August 18, 2020)

| By: Texas Politics Project

Jim Henson and Josh Blank talk to Mark Jones of Rice University about the just-released Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation / Baker Institute poll, which survey Texans about the 2020 election with special attention to Texas Hispanics (i.e. an over-sample).  


It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like 2018: Texas Data Points from the Week in Politics

| By: Jim Henson and Joshua Blank

The national media storm over sexual harassment hit Texas this week, which the legislative leadership attempted to act on even as in other corners, some of the same old internecine fights in the GOP played out in the House and on the terrain of the upcoming 2018 primary elections. Congressman Gene Green’s announcement that he wouldn’t seek reelection added another wrinkle in Houston politics, this one among Democrats who are either jumping in to fight for his seat or waiting to see which #txlege competitors create new openings as a result of others' efforts to move up. Meanwhile, events in Congress provided lots of reasons why so many people don’t want to work there anymore, and some are even policy related, like the effort to combine repealing the ACA insurance mandate with the Tax Reform bill. 


Public Opinion on Ethics, E-Verify and the #TxLege Agenda for Thursday, March 9

| By: Jim Henson

The House General Investigating and Ethics Committee, chaired by State Representative Sarah Davis, is scheduled to consider over a dozen bills on government ethics.  The Senate Business and Commerce Committee will hear a variety of bills on different topics when they convene today, though a highlight is sure to be Senator Charles Schwertner's SB 23, which would require contractors doing business with the state to use the E-verify system.