The First University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll

| By: Jim Henson, PhD and Daron Shaw

The results of the first UT/Texas Tribune poll, which was in the field from October 20-27 and sampled 800 Texans who identified themselves as registered voters, shows Texas slowly turning their attention to the 2010 elections. Perhaps more to the point, they have become extremely skeptical about the direction of the federal government. Today we’ll focus on the election match ups and what they tell us about the state of play a little less than six months out from the March primaries.


Poverty in Texas

| By: Henry Dietz

This reading covers the facets of Poverty in Texas in three parts. The first covers areas such as how to define poverty and the various ways poverty has been viewed over time. It also discusses the many explanation that have been offered as to why poverty exists and persists in a country such as the United States. The second examines what policies are in place to confront the issue of poverty, how those policies have changed over time, and what the current strengths and weakness are of policies now in place. The third section deals briefly with global poverty.


Keywords: Poverty