Intern (Spring Semester)

Offered By: 
The Office of Senator Sarah Eckhardt
Job Location: 
Job Description: 
-Ability to manage incoming correspondence including but not limited to e-mail, letters, fax, phone call, etc. -Manages incoming phone calls from Senate District 14 constituents, stakeholders, fellow State Employees, and the general public; ability to disseminate information to Senator Eckhardt's staff via email and additional media outlets -Extensive knowledge of the Correspondence Management System; ability to adhere to communication and filing procedures; ability to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence -Assists District Director with Senate District 14 casework, enters information in to the Correspondence Management System, communicates daily with constituents regarding their concerns, questions, suggestions and policy stances -Knowledgeable about casework and legislative issues; ability to differentiate and assign items in CMS to the appropriate staff members -Ability to handle proclamation and flag requests -Assists Administrative Director with incoming mail; responds periodically on behalf of the Office of Senator Eckhardt -Ability to write a bill hearing request from beginning to conclusion; manages, tracks during session and provides the respective policy analyst with the outcome -Ability to write talking points for committees; conducts research, presents statistics and foundations, provides common questions from opposition and responses, produces the projected/expected impact of the bill being proposed
Application Instructions: 
Please submit a Cover Letter and Resume to Deputy Chief of Staff Andromeda Roberts at
Degree Status: 
Current Student
Experience Required: 
Contact Information: 
Deputy Chief of Staff Andromeda Roberts 512-463-0114
Type of Internship: 
State Legislature
This internship spans from January-May 2024.
Posted By: 
Andromeda Roberts
Expiration Date: 
Thursday, November 30, 2023