Legislative Policy Intern

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State Representative Yvonne Davis
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Texas State Capitol
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First & foremost, we want to ensure that their legislative internship be a valuable and educational learning experience that they will be proud to remember in the future and use as a vehicle to enhance their professional careers. For that reason, we generally stress to all interns that they will serve as part of our “legislative team” when they join our office as interns. They will be treated as equals with the rest of the other staff in the office. Most importantly, they will have to abide by all the personnel rules and policies of other staff at the Capitol, as well as any specific guidelines or requirements that your specific program may require. The office will do all it can to accommodate the interns' individual needs in case any special arrangements have to be made prior to placement in the office. General duties for the intern would include, but not be limited to, general filing; helping process the daily incoming mail; answering the telephone; greeting constituents and lobbyists; attending committee public hearings and other meetings as designated with good note-keeping abilities; tracking bills and other pertinent legislation as assigned; writing letters, press releases, reports, and other correspondence as deemed necessary; and, work on any other legislative projects as assigned, depending on the activity or task at hand. Moreover, it is preferred that the intern to be computer literate, and to be a self-motivated, a quick learner who can get a good grasp and knowledge of the facts and information efficiently to get the job done effectively, either independently or as part of a team effort working in partnership with other staff in the office. Around the Legislature - particularly when we are in session - there is never a lack of activities, projects, or work to go around. Thus, it is certain that interns will be kept busy and productive while they are interning. As a general rule, interns, like all other staff, are expected to be able to work effectively under pressure and deadlines, either independently or jointly as a member of the legislative team, if the need arises.
Application Instructions: 
To apply: Send a resume and handwriting sample to: jesse.bernal@house.texas.gov PLEASE DO NOT CALL as applications will not be reviewed until mid December 2022.
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Contact Information: 
Jesse R. Bernal E-mail: jesse.bernal@house.texas.gov
Type of Internship: 
State Legislature
For a more comprehensive description of the internship, email jesse.bernal@house.texas.gov. DO NOT CALL.
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Jesse R Bernal
Expiration Date: 
Monday, May 29, 2023