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Texas State Senator Royce West
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The Top 10% Scholar Ambassador Program is a unique opportunity sponsored by Texas State Senator Royce West to unite public Texas universities and students under a common goal: to collect qualitative data on the Texas Top 10% experience in order to effectively preserve the Top 10% Rule in the state of Texas. This rule has become a highly disputed program in recent years, as there have been 64 attempts to alter or completely abolish it; however, from looking at both quantitative and qualitative data, it is clear that this rule serves to empower students in the state of Texas by allowing students in the top 10% of their graduating class automatic admissions into public universities in the state of Texas. This admission does more than allow students to enter college; it creates a path for students to become educated, successful, and motivated. The ambassador program serves as a way for students who utilized the Top 10% Rule in their own college journey to help maintain its presence all while gaining communication skills, leadership abilities, and networking opportunities in a legislative setting. This program requires individuals who are able to effectively interact with their classmates, meet deadlines, and devote a minimum of 3 hours weekly to given tasks.
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To apply, please fill out the following application here:
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Current Student
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State Legislature
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Office of Texas State Senator Royce West
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Tuesday, September 25, 2018