The Support Biz Competition and Growth Millions Served
The Business of Child Support
Growth in Texas Share of National Collections, 1983-2002 chart. Total Child Support Collections by the State of Texas, 1983-2002 chart. long description of charts

Nationally, child support collection is big business. In 2002, in compliance with federal law, states collected more than $20 billion in child support with more than $92 billion yet in arrears. Since the early 1980s, total child support collected by the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in Texas has grown steadily in raw dollars and as a percentage of national collections. Today more than two thirds of the Attorney General's staff--about 2700 of 3700 employees--work in the child support division with an annual budget of more than $230 million funded mostly by federal dollars and state-retained collections.

Source: OAG; Census Bureau. (full source)