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Texas and National Child Support Collections per Case, 1983-2002. long description of chart

Efficient and Effective? The Texas OAG's child support collection efforts are today among nation's more efficient collecting $5.41 for every program dollar spent, thirteenth best among the states. Nevertheless, child support in arrears in Texas swelled with the case load to nearly $9 billion by 2002, compounded annually by large numbers of young and incarcerated parents in the system and by 12% interest levied by Texas law on unpaid child support. Efficiency increased with national welfare reform in 1996 which dramatically reduced the number of welfare cases in the system. At the same time the OAG embarked on a massive automation effort to speed the collection and dissemination of information, expand administrative income (employer) withholding, and facilitate imposition of increasingly tough sanctions including the threat of driver's, hunting and fishing, and professional license revocation.

Source: OAG; Census Bureau. (full source)