Congressional leaders form leadership PACs which are committees affiliated directly with a member of Congress but not for their own campaign purposes. These leaders – Speaker of the House, House minority leader, Senate majority and minority leaders, etc. – are chosen by the membership every two years and contribute the funds raised by their PACs to the electoral campaigns of other members or new candidates for Congress.

This table reports the financial activities of three leadership PACs affiliated with members of the Texas Congressional delegation. The first two are Republican leadership PACs affiliated with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rep. Tom Delay. The third is a Democratic leadership PAC affiliated with Rep. Martin Frost. Members of Congress use leadership PACs to defray the costs of leadership. In particular, members with leadership PACs use them to help fund other members' campaigns and win their colleaguesą support. Columns one and two identify each leadership PAC and its affiliated member. Columns three and four summarize each PACs total receipts and total spending. Column five summarizes total PAC giving to candidates for federal office. Columns six and seven show the breakdown in giving to Democratic and Republican candidates.