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2002 Activity by Leadership PACs--Texas Congressional Delegation
Leadership PAC Name &
Affiliated Member of Congress1
To Federal Candidates To
Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas)
719,000 567,637 136,272 0 136,272 

 Americans for a Republican Majority
Rep. Tom Delay (R-Sugarland)
3,263,449 3,659,309 1,024,355 0 1,024,355 

 Lone Star Fund
Rep. Martin Frost (D-Dallas)
1,022,060 1,037,900 486,408 486,408
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Nothing succeeds like success. Congressional leaders today typically create leadership PACs which are committees affiliated directly with a member of Congress separate from a member's campaign committee. Leaders like the Speaker of the House, House majority and minority leaders, and Senate majority and minority leaders are chosen by the membership every two years. Leaders contribute the funds raised by their leadership PACs to the electoral campaigns of other members or new candidates for Congress. This assistance helps earn the support of the other members when it is time to choose new leaders. Money from leadership PACS may also be donated to other PACs and party committees in the continuing effort to gain or keep a party majority in each chamber. Such broad distribution of funds helps earn the gratitude of members who may then be more inclined to support a leader's legislative agenda or leadership aspirations. Leadership PACs are also used as "office accounts" (pejoratively known as "slush funds") to pay for travel and other political leadership expenses. In this cycle of power, leadership success enhances fund raising and successful fund raising expands leadership influence.

Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Federal Election Commission. (full source, footnotes)