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Texas Major Party Gubernatorial Candidates' Total General Election Expenditures, 1978-2002
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Money and Votes: The Governors' Take
Texas gubernatorial elections illustrate the fierce competition for dollars accompanying the race for the state's highest office. Though in recent years Texas Republicans often have outspent Democrats, particularly in statewide elections, Democrats have financial resources, too. Fundraising success is not unique to Republican candidates, despite their frequent partisan advantage. But, as the chart shows, money--even a massive amount from a wealthy candidate--does not simply buy victory. Indeed, in the gubernatorial elections of 1982, 1986, 1990, and 2002, the bigger spender lost. Nonetheless, too little money can be costly at the polls, as losses by Democrats John Hill in 1978 and Gary Mauro in 1998 show.

Source: Beyle and Jensen; Texas Ethics Commission; J. Rusk; Texas Secretary of State. (full source)