The Geographic Distribution of Oil Wealth in Texas
Oil Wealth map. long description of map

The gold rush days of the oil and gas industry in Texas are history. The famous East Texas fields are depleted and the state's reserves have dwindled with more than a century of drilling and pumping. But even the industry crash of the 1980s did not end the state's love affair with black gold. New drilling in west Texas and elsewhere, development of existing and newly discovered gas deposits, and technological advances have spurred new or renewed exploration, development, and production.

Texas today is the largest oil and gas producer among the states. In 2003, the state produced 364 million barrels of oil (19.4% of the U.S. total) and 5,166 billion cubic feet of natural gas (26.6%). As of 2003, Texas also contained larger shares of U.S. reserves than any other state: 4,583 million barrels of oil (20.9%) and 45,730 billion cubic feet of gas (24.2%). The state's refineries in turn produced more than a quarter of the nation's total petrochemical and fuel supply as of 2004.

Source: Census Bureau; EIA. (full source)