Issues Strategy Tactics

Thinking Tactically in an Issue Campaign
Examples of Tactics A Tactics Checklist
  • Petition drives
  • Letter writing
  • Turnout events
  • Visits with public officials
  • Public hearings
  • Mass demonstrations
  • Accountability sessions
  • Educational meetings
  • Teach-ins
  • Civil disobedience
  • Legal disruptive tactics (strikes, pickets, rent strikes, etc.)
  • Boycotts
  • Can you really do it? Do you have the people, time, and resources?
  • Is it focused on the primary or secondary target?
  • Does it put real power behind a specific demand?
  • Does it meet your organizational and issue goals?
  • Is it outside the experience of the targeted decision maker?
  • Is it within the experience and comfort level of your group?
  • Do you have the necessary leadership experience to do it?
  • Will people enjoy doing it?
  • Will it play well in the media?
Source: Organizing for Social Change. (full source)