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Do Campaign Dollars Influence Judges?
Chart showing the reponses to the question of What influence do you feel campaign contributions made to the Texas judges have on the decisions they make in the courtroom? long description of chart

Texans today choose Texas judges in partisan elections. Campaign contributions, many from deep-pockets donors, pay for judicial campaigns. As this 1998 survey data shows, few people believe that judges completely ignore their campaign contributors. Overwhelming majorites of the public, attorneys, court personnel, and even judges themselves believe campaign contributions have a somewhat or very significant influence on judicial decisions. Attorneys--a major source of contributions--almost universally believe their money affects judicial decisions. The public appears more conflicted on this matter than elites and insiders. Larger proportions of the public than of any other group believe either that campaign dollars are a very significant matter or that they don't matter at all.

Source: Texans for Public Justice. (full source)