Are We
Impressed Yet?
for Dollars?
Are Texas Courts Biased?
Chart showing the reponses to the question of Please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statement about Texas judges and courts. long description of chart

If campaign dollars bias judicial decisions, large numbers of citizens, attorneys, court personnel, and even judges appear to believe not merely that contributors gain but that large groups of Texans lose in the courts. Slim majorities of judges and the public but only pluralities of court personnel and lawyers agree that "Courts treat males and females alike." Minorities of every group except judges agree that "Courts treat all people alike regardless of their race or ethnicity." Most strikingly, not even a majority of judges can agree that "Courts treat poor and wealthy people alike." About four-fifths of the public and attorneys, two-thirds of court personnel, and fifty-eight percent of judges express at least a reasonable doubt about the fairness of the Texas courts to rich and poor alike.

Source: The Insider's Perspective, Public Trust and Confidence. (full source)