& Rights
& Investigation
Your Rights
  1. Due process of law
  2. Speedy public trial
  3. Habeas corpus--the need to show evidence linking a suspect to the crime
  4. No self-incrimination
  5. Right to evidence against you
  6. Right to confront and compel witnesses
  7. Right to testify
  8. Grand jury indictment required in felony cases
  9. Representation by counsel
  10. No unreasonable searches and seizures
  11. Bail except in capital cases
  12. No excess bail or cruel and unusual punishment
  13. No double jeopardy
  14. Option of a jury trial
  15. Freedom of speech and the press
  16. No religious tests of evidence
  17. No citizen may be declared an outlaw
  18. No one may be removed from the state for a crime committed in it
  19. No corruption of blood or estate forfeiture
  20. Two witnesses in cases of treason
long description of rules
Source: Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. (full source)