CBS News/NYT The Upshot/YouGov Battleground Tracker Shows Cornyn Comfortably Ahead in Senate Race

The ongoing CBS News/NYT The Upshot/YouGov Battleground Tracker released the results of their second wave of polling in the 2014 US Senate races today (in what seems like something of a soft launch). Results from the Texas Senate race find incumbent John Cornyn still holding a 20-percentage point lead over Democrat David Alameel (51-31).  YouGov has released the numbers with useful crosstabs, reproduced below.

Results and crosstabs from this CBS/NYT/YouGov poll of the Texas Senate race show John Cornyn leading David Alameel 51 perecent to 31 percent.


These results suggest that the practice of "pushing" the respondents who declined to make a choice -- that is, providing a follow-up prompt that pushes people into choosing a candidate -- reduced the number of don't knows and reveals a substantial lead for Cornyn, which is not surprising given the combination of underlying patterns of party identification and voter turnout in Texas.  Back in June, when relatively few Texans had turned their attention to the November election, the UT/Texas Tribune Poll found 26% not willing to express a choice, and Cornyn leading 36 percent to 25 percent.  

We can likely expect more results on the Texas governor's race from this massive undertaking, which will certainly be greeted with much more interest.