Governor Abbott's Job Approval as He Announces Re-Election Run

Greg Abbott is expected to announce his intention to seek a second term as Governor tomorrow in San Antonio. In addition to what is already a formidable war chest of more than $34 million (with an increase in that number expected to be announced soon as well), Abbott also has high job approval ratings among the state's Republican majority. Overall, 83 percent of Texas Republicans approve of his job performance as of June 2017, with 53 percent approving strongly. For a few points of comparison, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has the approval of 64 percent of Texas Republicans (almost 20-points less), with 29 percent approving strongly. Senator Ted Cruz has the approval of 70 percent of Texas Republicans, with 41 percent approving strongly.

Below are Governor Abbott's approval numbers from the latest University of Texas / Texas Tribune Poll for a number of important political sub-groups. You can download and share these graphics yourself from here.

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Approve strongly27%
Approve somewhat18%
Neither approve nor disapprove12%
Disapprove somewhat9%
Disapprove strongly29%
Don't know4%

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Approve strongly2%20%53%
Approve somewhat7%13%30%
Neither approve nor disapprove14%19%8%
Disapprove somewhat12%14%5%
Disapprove strongly58%30%3%
Don't know6%5%2%

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categoryLean RepublicanNot very strong RepublicanStrong Republican
Approve strongly48%36%67%
Approve somewhat33%36%25%
Neither approve nor disapprove6%15%5%
Disapprove somewhat6%8%2%
Disapprove strongly5%3%1%
Don't know3%2%1%

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Approve strongly2%8%53%
Approve somewhat5%21%26%
Neither approve nor disapprove10%22%8%
Disapprove somewhat10%16%6%
Disapprove strongly68%26%6%
Don't know5%8%2%

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categoryLeaning conservativeSomewhat conservativeExtremely conservative
Approve strongly25%49%73%
Approve somewhat32%33%14%
Neither approve nor disapprove18%6%5%
Disapprove somewhat8%8%3%
Disapprove strongly11%3%5%
Don't know6%1%1%

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categoryDemocratRepublicanTea Party
Approve strongly1%47%69%
Approve somewhat6%32%21%
Neither approve nor disapprove13%9%6%
Disapprove somewhat11%7%3%
Disapprove strongly64%3%1%
Don't know5%3%0%

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Approve strongly36%4%16%
Approve somewhat22%12%11%
Neither approve nor disapprove8%30%12%
Disapprove somewhat6%13%17%
Disapprove strongly25%34%37%
Don't know2%7%7%

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Approve strongly30%24%
Approve somewhat18%18%
Neither approve nor disapprove9%15%
Disapprove somewhat10%9%
Disapprove strongly31%28%
Don't know2%6%

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Approve strongly16%28%43%
Approve somewhat16%18%23%
Neither approve nor disapprove15%10%12%
Disapprove somewhat11%9%9%
Disapprove strongly36%32%11%
Don't know7%4%1%

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categoryThe Bible is the word of God, to be taken literallyThe Bible is the word of God, not to be taken literallyThe Bible is a book written by men
Approve strongly38%33%8%
Approve somewhat22%21%10%
Neither approve nor disapprove15%12%5%
Disapprove somewhat8%9%12%
Disapprove strongly14%22%63%
Don't know3%4%3%