The Presidents Come to the Texas Border

National and state politics converge this week with the simultaneous visits of President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump to the Texas-Mexico border on Thursday. Trump will appear in Eagle Pass, the site of ongoing tension between state and federal law enforcement agencies deployed to manage the increased flow of migrants into the U.S., while Biden will visit Brownsville.

The visits come as Biden continues to seek ways to reduce his vulnerability on border and immigration issues amidst the ongoing problems on the border, and as Trump presses his advantage, and his attacks on Biden and Democrats, on his signature issue. While the current and former presidents maneuver in Texas, the demands of Republican officials over federal border enforcement policies continue to be one of the central obstacles in the stalled federal budget process casting the shadow of a looming shutdown. (After meetings at the White House Tuesday on breaking the impasse on the budget and on foreign aid spending, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson reiterated to reporters that “the first priority of the country is our border and making sure it's secure.")

In the 2020 presidential election, Trump defeated Biden in Texas by about 630,000 votes, with 52.06% of the vote to Biden’s 46.48%. This was a smaller victory margin than 2016, when Trump won Texas’ electoral votes by defeating Hillary Clinton by just under 9 percentage points, (52.23% to 43.24%, about 806,000 votes). In a head-to-head trial ballot in the latest UT/Texas Politics Project Poll, Trump led Biden by 7 points, 48% to 41%. (Trump led by 9 points in a multicandidate trial ballot.)

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Joe Biden41%
Donald Trump48%
Someone else7%
Haven't thought about it enough to have an opinion4%

We’ve gathered very recent polling results from our latest poll, conducted in early February, to provide context for Texans’ views of Biden and Trump, and of immigration and border policies. Click on the list below to jump to a look at Texas attitudes, including breakdowns by party, race and ethnicity, and geography. The blog section also contains several posts discussing immigration and border security issues in the context of state and national politics, and attitudes on the border and immigration were the focus of the latest Second Reading podcast.



Importance of Immigration and Border Security to Texas Voters

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Feb. 201514%33%59%
June 201514%25%59%
Oct. 201512%32%57%
Feb. 201617%28%54%
June 20168%29%52%
Oct. 20167%32%56%
Feb. 20178%21%51%
June 20177%36%51%
Oct. 201712%30%44%
Feb. 201812%32%48%
June 20188%24%53%
Oct. 20189%29%62%
Feb. 201911%29%62%
June 201911%35%59%
Oct. 201912%28%57%
Feb. 202010%32%52%
Apr. 20201%8%28%
June 20203%14%29%
Oct. 20203%11%30%
Feb. 20212%23%46%
Mar. 20218%35%61%
Apr. 20216%35%65%
June 20216%35%59%
Aug. 20212%29%64%
Oct. 20212%26%68%
Feb. 20223%28%58%
Apr. 20224%31%61%
June 20222%19%45%
Aug. 20224%38%54%
Oct. 20224%35%61%
Dec. 20223%27%60%
Feb. 20235%32%59%
Apr. 20235%19%57%
June 20237%39%59%
Aug. 20235%38%59%
Oct. 20239%43%60%
Dec. 20237%32%61%
Feb. 202414%44%68%
Apr. 202413%40%63%

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Border security24%
Political corruption / leadership11%
Inflation / rising prices8%
Gun control / gun violence4%
The economy4%

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Border security6%18%42%
Political corruption / leadership23%9%1%
Inflation / rising prices10%10%5%
Gun control / gun violence7%0%1%
The economy4%8%4%

Loading chart...
Border security31%10%15%
Political corruption / leadership11%9%10%
Inflation / rising prices5%14%11%
Gun control / gun violence2%4%6%
The economy4%6%3%

Loading chart...
Border security15%24%40%
Political corruption / leadership10%12%10%
Inflation / rising prices8%8%5%
Gun control / gun violence4%4%2%
The economy7%4%2%

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A crisis48%
A very serious problem, but not a crisis23%
A somewhat serious problem18%
Not much of a problem7%
Don't know/No opinion3%

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A crisis20%54%74%
A very serious problem, but not a crisis37%22%11%
A somewhat serious problem27%15%10%
Not much of a problem12%4%3%
Don't know/No opinion4%5%2%

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump Favorability Ratings among Texas Voters

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Very favorable24%
Somewhat favorable19%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable7%
Somewhat unfavorable8%
Very unfavorable42%
Don't know/No opinion1%

Loading chart...
Very favorable28%
Somewhat favorable21%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable6%
Somewhat unfavorable6%
Very unfavorable39%
Don't know/No opinion1%

Loading chart...
Very favorable48%10%3%
Somewhat favorable34%12%6%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable9%6%4%
Somewhat unfavorable5%14%9%
Very unfavorable4%56%77%
Don't know/No opinion0%2%1%

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Very favorable5%13%53%
Somewhat favorable10%29%30%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable7%8%5%
Somewhat unfavorable3%10%7%
Very unfavorable75%39%5%
Don't know/No opinion1%1%0%

Loading chart...
Very favorable19%42%23%
Somewhat favorable16%34%17%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable4%9%11%
Somewhat unfavorable6%8%11%
Very unfavorable54%6%35%
Don't know/No opinion1%1%3%

Loading chart...
Very favorable32%10%28%
Somewhat favorable25%16%14%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable6%11%6%
Somewhat unfavorable7%4%3%
Very unfavorable30%59%47%
Don't know/No opinion0%1%2%

Loading chart...
Very favorable32%22%11%
Somewhat favorable23%18%13%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable12%4%3%
Somewhat unfavorable10%6%8%
Very unfavorable22%49%65%
Don't know/No opinion2%2%1%

Loading chart...
Very favorable27%24%39%
Somewhat favorable18%21%24%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable8%5%4%
Somewhat unfavorable5%7%5%
Very unfavorable42%41%27%
Don't know/No opinion1%1%0%

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categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201534%51%12%
Feb. 201629%59%9%
June 201631%56%10%
Oct. 201631%58%9%
Feb. 201745%46%7%
Oct. 202046%48%6%
Feb. 202146%46%8%
June 202147%47%6%
Oct. 202143%48%6%
Feb. 202243%46%10%
Apr. 202245%47%7%
June 202242%48%11%
Aug. 202241%50%9%
Oct. 202244%47%9%
Dec. 202242%48%11%
Feb. 202341%48%11%
Apr. 202342%48%9%
June 202344%48%8%
Aug. 202341%51%8%
Dec. 202346%45%8%
Feb. 202449%45%7%
Apr. 202449%44%8%

Loading chart...
categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201554%31%12%
Feb. 201647%41%10%
June 201653%32%13%
Oct. 201660%30%10%
Feb. 201781%12%6%
Oct. 202085%12%4%
Feb. 202185%9%7%
June 202186%8%5%
Oct. 202182%12%6%
Feb. 202280%13%7%
Apr. 202279%10%10%
June 202276%12%11%
Aug. 202276%14%9%
Oct. 202282%9%9%
Dec. 202275%17%9%
Feb. 202379%12%10%
Apr. 202378%16%6%
June 202376%16%8%
Aug. 202379%15%7%
Dec. 202380%13%8%
Feb. 202483%12%5%
Apr. 202484%10%6%

Loading chart...
categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201513%75%8%
Feb. 201612%77%8%
June 20167%85%5%
Oct. 20165%89%6%
Feb. 20177%85%6%
Oct. 20206%89%4%
Feb. 20215%89%5%
June 20216%91%4%
Oct. 20214%89%5%
Feb. 20228%84%8%
Apr. 20226%90%2%
June 20225%90%5%
Aug. 20224%92%3%
Oct. 20225%88%7%
Dec. 202212%82%6%
Feb. 202310%84%5%
Apr. 202311%84%6%
June 202313%83%5%
Aug. 20237%86%7%
Dec. 202313%82%5%
Feb. 202415%78%8%
Apr. 202414%78%7%

Loading chart...
categoryFavorableUnfavorableNeither/Don't know
Nov. 201528%46%22%
Feb. 201632%55%10%
June 201630%51%16%
Oct. 201627%61%12%
Feb. 201742%45%12%
Oct. 202027%55%17%
Feb. 202136%43%20%
June 202134%49%16%
Oct. 202126%55%13%
Feb. 202237%49%14%
Apr. 202235%51%11%
June 202227%51%22%
Aug. 202228%53%18%
Oct. 202233%51%17%
Dec. 202228%53%19%
Feb. 202328%54%19%
Apr. 202328%57%15%
June 202333%55%12%
Aug. 202334%53%12%
Dec. 202336%52%13%
Feb. 202442%49%9%
Apr. 202431%56%13%

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Biden Job Approval Ratings, Immigration and Border Security Job Approval

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Approve strongly20%
Approve somewhat22%
Neither approve nor disapprove7%
Disapprove somewhat9%
Disapprove strongly41%
Don't know1%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly12%
Approve somewhat18%
Neither approve nor disapprove13%
Disapprove somewhat10%
Disapprove strongly45%
Don't know2%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly43%8%2%
Approve somewhat41%15%6%
Neither approve nor disapprove7%7%6%
Disapprove somewhat7%12%10%
Disapprove strongly3%57%75%
Don't know0%1%1%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly24%3%3%
Approve somewhat33%11%5%
Neither approve nor disapprove19%11%7%
Disapprove somewhat13%11%7%
Disapprove strongly9%62%78%
Don't know2%2%1%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly17%34%22%
Approve somewhat18%44%17%
Neither approve nor disapprove4%8%12%
Disapprove somewhat8%7%11%
Disapprove strongly53%5%34%
Don't know1%2%3%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly9%21%13%
Approve somewhat15%34%12%
Neither approve nor disapprove9%21%14%
Disapprove somewhat8%9%16%
Disapprove strongly57%12%40%
Don't know1%4%5%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly25%20%11%
Approve somewhat31%19%12%
Neither approve nor disapprove12%4%4%
Disapprove somewhat11%6%11%
Disapprove strongly19%50%62%
Don't know3%1%0%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly15%11%7%
Approve somewhat25%15%11%
Neither approve nor disapprove20%11%5%
Disapprove somewhat13%9%6%
Disapprove strongly24%52%72%
Don't know4%2%0%

Loading chart...
categoryApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't know
February 202145%44%11%
March 202144%43%12%
April 202144%46%11%
June 202143%47%10%
August 202140%51%9%
October 202135%55%11%
February 202236%52%11%
April 202237%54%9%
June 202235%55%11%
August 202240%52%9%
October 202239%52%10%
December 202242%50%8%
February 202341%50%10%
April 202340%49%11%
June 202338%50%12%
August 202338%52%9%
October 202337%53%11%
December 202338%54%8%
February 202442%50%8%
April 202443%51%6%

Loading chart...
categoryApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't know
February 202189%2%9%
March 202187%3%10%
April 202188%2%11%
June 202188%3%9%
August 202174%6%10%
October 202175%11%14%
February 202276%9%16%
April 202279%13%8%
June 202274%13%13%
August 202279%11%11%
October 202278%10%11%
December 202281%11%7%
February 202382%9%10%
April 202380%9%12%
June 202375%9%17%
August 202375%11%13%
October 202375%14%11%
December 202374%16%12%
February 202484%10%7%
April 202482%12%5%

Loading chart...
categoryApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't know
February 202112%80%9%
March 20217%82%11%
April 20217%86%7%
June 20219%84%7%
August 20216%91%2%
October 20215%91%4%
February 20226%91%3%
April 20226%87%6%
June 20227%88%4%
August 20229%88%4%
October 20228%90%2%
December 20229%88%3%
February 20237%91%2%
April 202310%86%4%
June 20237%88%5%
August 20235%91%3%
October 20238%85%7%
December 20239%85%5%
February 20248%85%7%
April 202412%84%4%

Loading chart...
categoryApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't know
February 202128%49%24%
March 202132%40%27%
April 202130%43%26%
June 202127%52%21%
August 202129%52%20%
October 202120%57%23%
February 202217%63%20%
April 202218%61%21%
June 202214%66%20%
August 202214%71%16%
October 202223%67%10%
December 202217%64%18%
February 202321%68%12%
April 202324%54%21%
June 202316%70%14%
August 202318%67%15%
October 202316%63%17%
December 202327%61%13%
February 202423%69%8%
April 202412%77%11%

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Greg Abbott Job Approval Ratings, Immigration and Border Security Job Approval

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Approve strongly28%
Approve somewhat25%
Neither approve nor disapprove8%
Disapprove somewhat6%
Disapprove strongly31%
Don't know2%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly34%
Approve somewhat20%
Neither approve nor disapprove10%
Disapprove somewhat5%
Disapprove strongly28%
Don't know3%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly10%15%49%
Approve somewhat17%21%34%
Neither approve nor disapprove6%10%10%
Disapprove somewhat6%15%5%
Disapprove strongly61%35%3%
Don't know0%4%0%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly8%24%60%
Approve somewhat17%18%22%
Neither approve nor disapprove10%14%9%
Disapprove somewhat7%3%3%
Disapprove strongly55%31%4%
Don't know3%10%1%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly34%15%23%
Approve somewhat29%28%15%
Neither approve nor disapprove8%5%10%
Disapprove somewhat5%8%7%
Disapprove strongly23%41%41%
Don't know1%2%4%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly42%15%25%
Approve somewhat22%21%16%
Neither approve nor disapprove9%16%9%
Disapprove somewhat5%7%5%
Disapprove strongly21%37%38%
Don't know1%4%7%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly25%30%32%
Approve somewhat27%22%29%
Neither approve nor disapprove12%6%5%
Disapprove somewhat5%6%8%
Disapprove strongly28%35%27%
Don't know3%2%0%

Loading chart...
Approve strongly24%37%44%
Approve somewhat25%15%21%
Neither approve nor disapprove16%7%7%
Disapprove somewhat5%5%6%
Disapprove strongly28%31%21%
Don't know2%4%2%

Loading chart...
PollApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
November 201542%29%28%
February 201641%29%30%
June 201642%31%27%
October 201642%33%25%
February 201745%33%23%
June 201745%38%16%
October 201748%33%19%
February 201846%31%23%
June 201847%36%18%
October 201852%32%17%
February 201951%32%17%
June 201951%31%18%
October 201952%28%21%
February 202048%34%18%
April 202056%32%13%
June 202049%39%13%
October 202047%40%14%
February 202146%39%15%
March 202145%43%11%
April 202143%45%13%
June 202144%44%11%
August 202141%50%9%
October 202143%48%10%
February 202244%42%15%
April 202247%41%13%
June 202243%46%12%
August 202246%44%10%
October 202247%44%9%
December 202249%41%8%
February 202346%43%12%
April 202346%41%12%
June 202347%42%12%
August 202345%45%10%
October 202349%40%10%
December 202348%41%11%
February 202453%37%10%
April 202455%37%10%

Loading chart...
PollApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
November 201570%8%23%
February 201669%8%23%
June 201673%7%21%
October 201675%5%21%
February 201780%5%15%
June 201783%8%10%
October 201779%5%14%
February 201881%5%14%
June 201880%7%14%
October 201889%4%8%
February 201983%6%10%
June 201984%4%12%
October 201979%6%15%
February 202084%8%12%
April 202088%6%7%
June 202083%7%9%
October 202081%13%7%
February 202179%10%11%
March 202179%13%8%
April 202177%13%10%
June 202177%12%11%
August 202173%18%9%
October 202179%15%6%
February 202274%14%12%
April 202280%10%11%
June 202278%11%12%
August 202280%12%8%
October 202286%8%6%
December 202287%6%8%
February 202383%7%10%
April 202379%9%12%
June 202381%10%8%
August 202381%11%8%
October 202379%10%11%
December 202378%10%12%
February 202483%8%10%
April 202485%8%8%

Loading chart...
PollApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
November 201513%56%23%
February 201618%50%33%
June 201612%60%27%
October 201612%62%26%
February 201713%61%27%
June 20179%70%20%
October 201714%64%21%
February 201812%59%29%
June 201814%67%18%
October 201812%67%21%
February 201916%63%22%
June 201918%62%21%
October 201924%51%24%
February 202013%64%24%
April 202024%59%16%
June 202013%74%13%
October 202013%70%17%
February 202113%73%14%
March 202111%81%8%
April 20217%83%9%
June 20218%82%9%
August 20216%90%4%
October 20215%85%9%
February 202214%75%12%
April 202212%79%9%
June 20226%86%7%
August 202211%84%6%
October 20229%81%9%
December 202213%78%9%
February 202314%78%8%
April 202319%74%8%
June 202314%76%10%
August 202313%78%9%
October 202315%77%8%
December 202319%73%7%
February 202427%67%6%
April 202427%65%8%

Loading chart...
PollApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
November 201539%28%44%
February 201641%30%29%
June 201634%39%27%
October 201631%39%29%
February 201723%48%29%
June 201733%44%24%
October 201745%30%26%
February 201838%20%41%
June 201839%34%26%
October 201841%32%27%
February 201954%23%23%
June 201942%29%30%
October 201943%26%31%
February 202038%30%31%
April 202034%41%25%
June 202041%36%23%
October 202033%39%29%
February 202133%33%34%
March 202134%36%30%
April 202134%37%28%
June 202141%44%15%
August 202130%52%18%
October 202127%57%16%
February 202242%43%16%
April 202233%41%26%
June 202227%55%19%
August 202237%43%19%
October 202240%48%12%
December 202245%39%16%
February 202338%46%15%
April 202325%54%21%
June 202339%40%21%
August 202331%53%15%
October 202334%53%13%
December 202334%51%15%
February 202436%50%14%
April 202435%46%19%

Loading chart...
June 201432%56%74%
Oct. 201437%55%80%
Feb. 201535%56%80%
Nov. 201531%59%74%
Feb. 201636%56%74%
June 201625%56%72%
Oct. 201621%53%70%
Oct. 201720%51%64%
Feb. 201817%50%70%
Oct. 201823%57%81%
Oct. 201924%47%76%
Feb. 202020%34%77%
Apr. 202018%46%75%
Feb. 202115%44%72%
Apr. 202118%44%82%
Apr. 202223%52%82%
Aug. 202220%50%79%
June 202331%60%84%
Aug. 202327%55%83%
Feb. 202435%55%80%

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Immigration Attitudes (Asylum, Legal Immigration, Immediate Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants)

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Strongly support33%
Somewhat support26%
Somewhat oppose16%
Strongly oppose16%
Don't know/No opinion10%

Loading chart...
Strongly support18%33%48%
Somewhat support30%22%23%
Somewhat oppose22%16%10%
Strongly oppose21%15%11%
Don't know/No opinion10%14%7%

Loading chart...
Strongly support39%19%31%
Somewhat support26%31%21%
Somewhat oppose14%23%15%
Strongly oppose15%13%19%
Don't know/No opinion6%15%15%

Loading chart...
Strongly support26%34%45%
Somewhat support31%23%23%
Somewhat oppose18%15%12%
Strongly oppose15%18%12%
Don't know/No opinion11%10%7%

Loading chart...
Too many49%
About the right amount28%
Too few14%
Don't know/No opinion9%

Loading chart...
Too many28%50%68%
About the right amount39%24%19%
Too few20%18%8%
Don't know/No opinion13%8%5%

Loading chart...
Too many53%35%49%
About the right amount27%30%26%
Too few12%14%17%
Don't know/No opinion8%20%8%

Loading chart...
Too many42%48%65%
About the right amount31%30%19%
Too few18%13%8%
Don't know/No opinion9%10%9%

Loading chart...
Strongly agree34%
Somewhat agree24%
Somewhat disagree18%
Strongly disagree19%
Don't know/No opinion6%

Loading chart...
Strongly agree14%34%54%
Somewhat agree21%21%26%
Somewhat disagree25%25%11%
Strongly disagree35%15%5%
Don't know/No opinion6%4%3%

Loading chart...
Strongly agree42%16%27%
Somewhat agree24%34%16%
Somewhat disagree16%22%20%
Strongly disagree15%15%26%
Don't know/No opinion2%13%10%

Loading chart...
Strongly agree25%34%51%
Somewhat agree27%22%22%
Somewhat disagree21%18%11%
Strongly disagree19%21%13%
Don't know/No opinion7%6%4%

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Support/Opposition for State Policies Dealing with Immigration

Loading chart...
Strongly support45%
Somewhat support21%
Somewhat oppose11%
Strongly oppose16%
Don't know/No opinion7%

Loading chart...
Strongly support15%45%75%
Somewhat support29%14%15%
Somewhat oppose16%7%6%
Strongly oppose32%19%2%
Don't know/No opinion8%14%2%

Loading chart...
Strongly support46%
Somewhat support19%
Somewhat oppose10%
Strongly oppose18%
Don't know/No opinion7%

Loading chart...
Strongly support15%51%77%
Somewhat support25%14%14%
Somewhat oppose16%4%5%
Strongly oppose36%13%2%
Don't know/No opinion7%18%2%

Loading chart...
Strongly support40%
Somewhat support20%
Somewhat oppose15%
Strongly oppose18%
Don't know/No opinion7%

Loading chart...
Strongly support11%41%68%
Somewhat support22%17%20%
Somewhat oppose24%13%6%
Strongly oppose35%16%3%
Don't know/No opinion8%12%3%

Loading chart...
Strongly support42%
Somewhat support15%
Somewhat oppose9%
Strongly oppose27%
Don't know/No opinion7%

Loading chart...
Strongly support14%37%72%
Somewhat support16%15%14%
Somewhat oppose11%7%8%
Strongly oppose53%25%3%
Don't know/No opinion6%16%3%

Loading chart...
Strongly support34%
Somewhat support21%
Somewhat oppose11%
Strongly oppose25%
Don't know/No opinion9%

Loading chart...
Strongly support11%27%57%
Somewhat support21%11%24%
Somewhat oppose13%19%8%
Strongly oppose47%25%5%
Don't know/No opinion8%18%5%

Loading chart...
Strongly support23%
Somewhat support18%
Somewhat oppose15%
Strongly oppose29%
Don't know/No opinion15%

Loading chart...
Strongly support9%24%37%
Somewhat support16%8%22%
Somewhat oppose17%14%13%
Strongly oppose45%29%15%
Don't know/No opinion13%26%13%

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