Second Reading Podcast: A busy Interlude in Texas Politics - from a SCOTUS Ruling on the Border to Paxton's about-face

Jim Henson and Josh Blank round up the flood of developments in politics in Texas, including the latest in the GOP presidential primary, the SCOTUS ruling against Texas, the DOJ's report on Uvalde, and more.

Touchstones from the latest Second Reading podcast

Some polling results mentioned in the podcast

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Very favorable3%8%26%
Somewhat favorable10%23%36%
Neither favorable nor unfavorable12%10%19%
Somewhat unfavorable7%15%7%
Very unfavorable65%33%5%
Don't know/No opinion4%11%6%

Views on factors contributing to the severity of the Uvalde mass shooting (August 2022)

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The delay by police in confronting the shooter80%81%74%
Flaws in school safety practices42%47%54%
Weaknesses in the mental health system43%53%48%
The weapon used by the shooter74%35%22%
The shooter’s family history28%31%36%


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