Second Reading Podcast: Digging into the Vote to Reinstate Ken Paxton

In a new Second Reading Podcast, Jim Henson & Josh Blank look at the multiple factors that shaped the decision of (most) Republicans in the Texas Senate's to reject the House's impeachment charges against Ken Paxton – and consider some of the fallout.

Some results and articles referred to in the discussion

Texas views of removing Ken Paxton from office (August, 2023)

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Don't know/No opinion35%

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Don't know/No opinion21%44%43%

Ken Paxton job approval trend

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categoryApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 202132%36%31%
June 202133%36%32%
Aug. 202135%38%28%
Oct. 202135%37%28%
Feb. 202232%35%33%
Apr. 202234%36%30%
June 202234%39%27%
Aug. 202237%38%25%
Oct. 202236%39%26%
Dec. 202241%37%21%
Feb. 202335%38%26%
Apr. 202339%35%26%
June 202330%41%28%
Aug. 202327%46%28%
Oct. 202332%42%25%

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Q8DApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 202159%11%30%
June 202158%10%32%
Aug. 202161%11%28%
Oct. 202165%12%23%
Feb. 202255%13%31%
Apr. 202262%8%30%
June 202260%15%25%
Aug. 202266%13%22%
Oct. 202265%12%24%
Dec. 202273%7%19%
Feb. 202365%9%27%
Apr. 202365%13%23%
June 202351%19%30%
Aug. 202346%23%31%
Oct. 202350%20%30%

Speaker of the House Dade Phelan job approval (August, 2023)

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Approve strongly5%
Approve somewhat15%
Neither approve nor disapprove27%
Disapprove somewhat11%
Disapprove strongly20%
Don't know22%

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Approve strongly2%1%8%
Approve somewhat11%5%20%
Neither approve nor disapprove23%27%31%
Disapprove somewhat12%12%9%
Disapprove strongly33%25%10%
Don't know20%30%21%

"Springer Said House didn't make strong enough case; expects FBI to pick up where Senate Trial left off, by Mike Eads in the Gainseville Daily Register

"Scoop: How GOP pressured Texas senators over Paxton's impeachment trial," by Mike Allen for Axios

"Texas AG Ken Paxton's star rises after acquittal," by Asher Price for Axios 


About the Second Reading podcast. The podcast has been produced intermittently by Jim Henson for the Texas Politics Project, with production support from UT's Liberal Arts Development Studio, since 2016. You can find past episodes and subscribe to the Second Reading podcast in Apple PodcastsSpotify,  and Stitcher.

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