Second Reading Podcast: Unpacking the notion of an informed electorate in the context of the Paxton impeachment trial

In a new Second Reading Podcast, Jim Henson and Josh Blank discuss what UT/Texas Politics Project polling can tell us about Texan's attention to the Paxton impeachment – and the notion that his reelection implied voters' forgiveness of his legal and ethical troubles. The podcast touches on the discussion in a recent blog post on the subject.


Snapshots of Texans' awareness of Ken Paxton's legal problems

The share of Texans who reported having heard "a lot" about "the legal problems of Attorney General Ken Paxton" increased was only 20% right before the 2022 general election. It increased to 31% by June 2023, after he was impeached by the Texas House.

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A lot20%
Not very much26%
Nothing at all16%

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A lot31%
Not very much17%
Nothing at all12%

Snapshots of trend in Paxton job approval ratings

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categoryApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 202132%36%31%
June 202133%36%32%
Aug. 202135%38%28%
Oct. 202135%37%28%
Feb. 202232%35%33%
Apr. 202234%36%30%
June 202234%39%27%
Aug. 202237%38%25%
Oct. 202236%39%26%
Dec. 202241%37%21%
Feb. 202335%38%26%
Apr. 202339%35%26%
June 202330%41%28%
Aug. 202327%46%28%

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Q8DApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 202159%11%30%
June 202158%10%32%
Aug. 202161%11%28%
Oct. 202165%12%23%
Feb. 202255%13%31%
Apr. 202262%8%30%
June 202260%15%25%
Aug. 202266%13%22%
Oct. 202265%12%24%
Dec. 202273%7%19%
Feb. 202365%9%27%
Apr. 202365%13%23%
June 202351%19%30%
Aug. 202346%23%31%

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Q8DApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 20215%68%27%
June 20217%66%27%
Aug. 20215%72%23%
Oct. 20213%68%29%
Feb. 202210%61%29%
Apr. 20226%69%25%
June 20225%73%21%
Aug. 20229%71%20%
Oct. 20226%70%23%
Dec. 202211%70%18%
Feb. 202312%71%15%
Apr. 202317%62%21%
June 202310%69%20%
Aug. 202312%71%19%

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Q8DApproveDisapproveDon't know
Apr. 202123%26%52%
June 202124%33%43%
Aug. 202132%37%31%
Oct. 202126%36%38%
Feb. 202222%38%41%
Apr. 202221%36%44%
June 202223%37%40%
Aug. 202231%36%34%
Oct. 202231%35%33%
Dec. 202234%43%23%
Feb. 202325%31%43%
Apr. 202319%44%38%
June 202321%40%38%
Aug. 202321%51%27%

About the Second Reading podcast. The podcast has been produced intermittently by Jim Henson for the Texas Politics Project, with production support from UT's Liberal Arts Development Studio, since 2016. You can find past episodes and subscribe to the Second Reading podcast in Apple PodcastsSpotify,  and Stitcher.

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