Second Reading Podcast: What the new UT/Texas Politics Project Poll tells us about public views of the legislative agenda and the early stages of the 2024 election in Texas

In a new Second Reading Podcast recorded May 3, 2023, Jim Henson talks with Daron Shaw and Joshua Blank about the latest University of Texas/Texas Politics Project Poll, and what it tells us about politics and policy in the Texas legislature and the early stages of the 2024 election in Texas after Collin Allred's annoucment that he will run for the Democratic nomination to challenge Senator Ted Cruz in 2024.

A few of the poll results discussed in the podcast. More results of the April 2023 UT/Texas Politics Project Poll can be found in the blog entry created for the rollout of the poll and in our polling archive.

Ted Cruz job approval trend

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SENCRUZApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
Oct. 201544%37%20%
Feb. 201637%42%21%
June 201635%43%22%
Oct. 201635%45%20%
Feb. 201738%39%23%
June 201738%44%18%
Oct. 201738%43%18%
Feb. 201840%41%19%
June 201839%41%20%
Oct. 201847%42%11%
Feb. 201946%41%13%
June 201947%39%14%
Oct. 201946%39%15%
Feb. 202042%44%14%
Apr. 202045%39%15%
June 202046%42%13%
Oct. 202046%42%12%
Feb. 202145%43%12%
Mar. 202143%46%12%
Apr. 202143%48%9%
June 202143%46%11%
Aug. 202142%46%12%
Oct. 202145%46%12%
Feb. 202239%43%18%
Apr. 202243%43%13%
June 202241%45%13%
Aug. 202242%44%13%
Oct. 202243%44%13%
Dec. 202244%44%11%
Feb. 202340%46%13%
Apr. 202345%41%14%

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SENCRUZApproveDisapproveNeither/Don't Know
Oct. 201575%12%14%
Feb. 201665%18%18%
Jun. 201660%21%20%
Oct. 201664%20%16%
Feb. 201767%13%20%
June 201770%13%18%
Oct. 201765%18%17%
Feb. 201882%12%15%
June 201874%9%18%
Oct. 201887%6%6%
Feb. 201983%7%10%
June 201981%7%12%
Oct. 201979%8%13%
Feb. 202080%10%11%
April 202081%6%14%
Jun. 202081%8%11%
Oct. 202085%8%7%
Feb. 202181%9%10%
Mar. 202178%12%10%
Apr. 202180%13%8%
June 202179%10%10%
Aug. 202177%10%13%
Oct. 202182%6%11%
Feb. 202270%12%18%
Apr. 202278%11%11%
June 202275%11%14%
Aug. 202278%11%11%
Oct. 202280%8%11%
Feb. 202378%10%13%
Apr. 202378%11%11%

Top public priorities for action on Legislative leadership's agenda items

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Extremely important48%
Very important32%
Somewhat important14%
Not very important2%
Not important1%
Don't know/No opinion3%

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Extremely important40%
Very important33%
Somewhat important19%
Not very important2%
Not important2%
Don't know/No opinion4%

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Extremely important41%
Very important30%
Somewhat important18%
Not very important5%
Not important2%
Don't know/No opinion3%



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