Texans' Views on Investigation, Collusion, and Donald Trump as Mueller Report Drops

Amidst all the unknowns about this phase of the Mueller investigation, now that the "report" has been submitted, one thing we know from University of Texas/Texas Tribune Polling: reactions will be heavily determined by partisanship. Looking back over the time series of UT/TT Polls, attitudes towards Mueller, the Russia Investigation, and even the FBI as an organization split along partisan lines a considerable time ago.

Below are some of the most relevant attitudes from the February 2019 UT/TT poll:

1) Attitudes towards the Mueller Investigation:

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Approve strongly26%
Approve somewhat13%
Neither approve nor disapprove13%
Disapprove somewhat9%
Disapprove strongly31%
Don't know8%

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Approve strongly52%13%5%
Approve somewhat19%14%6%
Neither approve nor disapprove12%23%12%
Disapprove somewhat4%11%13%
Disapprove strongly5%28%56%
Don't know7%10%8%

2)  Belief in Coordination Between the Trump Campaign and Russia in the 2016 Election:

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Don't know enough to say12%

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Don't know enough to say12%27%9%

3) Donald Trump Job Approval:

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Approve strongly34%
Approve somewhat15%
Neither approve nor disapprove5%
Disapprove somewhat5%
Disapprove strongly40%
Don't know1%

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Approve strongly3%21%65%
Approve somewhat4%25%23%
Neither approve nor disapprove4%15%4%
Disapprove somewhat8%5%3%
Disapprove strongly80%32%5%
Don't know1%2%1%