U.S. and Texas Amendment Process

Amending the U.S. Constitution - Article 5

Flow chart of U.S. amendment process.


  • Congress selects the mode of ratification.
  • Equal representation in the Senate is not subject to amendment.

Source: Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution outlines amendment procedures. The U.S. Constitution is available from the National Archives and Records Administration online at http://www.archives.gov/national_archives_experience/charters/ constitution.html accessed March 31, 2005.


Amending the Texas Constitution - Article 17

Flow chart of Texas amendment process.


  • One hundred house members and twenty-one senators constitute a two-thirds majority.
  • Individual legislators' votes must be publicly recorded.
  • The Legislature picks the date for the ratification election.
  • A brief explanatory statement of each proposed amendment drafted by the Secretary of State and approved by the Attorney General must be widely published before the election.

Source: Article 17 of the Texas Constitution outlines amendment procedures. The full Constitution of the State of Texas is available from the Texas Legislature Online at http://www.constitution.legis.state.tx.us accessed March 31, 2005.