Data Analyst Intern

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Access Education RRISD
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Access Education RRISD is a local, grassroots organization of engaged, concerned Round Rock ISD parents and community members organizing locally. We believe that public education can and should support the common good as well as each individual student. Our efforts are guided by our values: Safe Access for All, Equitable Practices, Student Outcomes, Community Voice, and Data-Driven Decisions. We are building our teams for the upcoming fall 2024 school board election, and are looking for a number of interns to work with our volunteer staff to gain experience in the political campaign field. These positions are primarily remote, with the opportunity to join local in-person events, but in-person attendance is not mandatory. Our organization is seeking a group (2-3) of Data Analyst Interns to join our team. The intern will play a critical role in analyzing voter demographics to support our efforts in advocating for better educational policies within the Round Rock ISD community. This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to meaningful change by leveraging data insights. * Key Responsibilities * - Voter Demographics Analysis: Conduct comprehensive analyses of voter demographics, identifying patterns and trends that can inform campaign strategies and outreach efforts. - Data Collection and Management: Collect, clean, and manage data from various sources to ensure accuracy and reliability in our analyses. - Collaborate with Campaign Teams: Work closely with the campaign and outreach teams, providing data-driven insights to guide decision-making and tailor approaches to different community segments. - Support Data-Driven Strategies: Assist in the development and implementation of targeted strategies for voter engagement and educational advocacy based on demographic data.
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Please send resume and portfolio or any relevant work experience (links are okay) to
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Political Campaigns
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Ginny Gustin
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Wednesday, June 19, 2024