Senator Sarah Eckhardt Internship

Offered By: 
Senator Sarah Eckhardt
Job Location: 
Job Location (Other): 
1001 Congress Ave Austin Texas 78701
Job Description: 
Ability to manage incoming correspondence including but not limited to e-mail, letters, fax, phone call, etc. -Manages incoming phone calls from Senate District 14 constituents, stakeholders, fellow State Employees, and the general public; ability to disseminate information to Senator Eckhardt's staff via email and additional media outlets -Extensive knowledge of the Correspondence Management System; ability to adhere to communication and filing procedures; ability to manage incoming and outgoing correspondence -Assists District Director with Senate District 14 casework, enters information in to the Correspondence Management System, communicates daily with constituents regarding their concerns, questions, suggestions and policy stances -Knowledgeable about casework and legislative issues; ability to differentiate and assign items in CMS to the appropriate staff members -Ability to handle proclamation and flag requests -Assists Administrative Director with incoming mail; responds periodically on behalf of the Office of Senator Eckhardt -Ability to write a bill hearing request from beginning to conclusion; manages, tracks during session and provides the respective policy analyst with the outcome -Ability to write talking points for committees; conducts research, presents statistics and foundations, provides common questions from opposition and responses, produces the projected/expected impact of the bill being proposed
Application Instructions: 
Please send resumes to Andromeda Roberts at I will respond to your email within 24 hours.
Degree Status: 
Current Student
Contact Information: 
Andromeda Roberts 512.463.0114
Type of Internship: 
State Legislature
The Office of Senator Eckhardt is searching for interns who are exemplary employees. Candidates must be able to provide assistance to our constituents in an honest and concise manner. We want candidates that are eager to search for career development and who truly embody the life of service.
Posted By: 
Andromeda Roberts, Administrative Director
Expiration Date: 
Monday, September 26, 2022