2020 Democratic Primary Candidate Recognition (September 2019)

2020 Democratic Primary Candidate Recognition (September 2019)

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Beto O'Rourke92
Bernie Sanders90
Joe Biden89
Elizabeth Warren83
Kamala Harris79
Julian Castro74
Cory Booker72
Pete Buttigieg 67
Andrew Yang62
Bill de Blasio60
Amy Klobuchar55
Tulsi Gabbard47
Marianne Williamson45
Tim Ryan41
John Delaney39
Tim Steyer34
Michael Bennet32
Steve Bullock29
Joe Sestak11
Wayne Messam8

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Beto O'Rourke91100
Bernie Sanders8994
Joe Biden8996
Elizabeth Warren82100
Kamala Harris7892
Julian Castro7387
Cory Booker7187
Pete Buttigieg 6684
Andrew Yang6992
Bill de Blasio5881
Amy Klobuchar5481
Tulsi Gabbard4674
Marianne Williamson4372
Tim Ryan4057
John Delaney3851
Tom Steyer3352
Michael Bennet3148
Steve Bullock273
Joe Sestak128

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Lean DemocratNot very strong DemocratStrong Democrat
Beto O'Rourke978294
Bernie Sanders918790
Joe Biden858791
Elizabeth Warren857783
Kamala Harris816882
Julian Castro776676
Cory Booker755777
Pete Buttigieg 755768
Andrew Yang764661
Bill de Blasio694461
Amy Klobuchar614357
Tulsi Gabbard652350
Marianne Williamson562348
Tim Ryan552840
John Delaney443040
Tom Steyer451240
Michael Bennet361637
Steve Bullock8516
Joe Sestak131637
Wayne Messam1078

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Beto O'Rourke968977
Bernie Sanders939062
Joe Biden928870
Elizabeth Warren907957
Kamala Harris907145
Julian Castro846450
Cory Booker816546
Pete Buttigieg 795735
Andrew Yang715829
Bill de Blasio734532
Amy Klobuchar634929
Tulsi Gabbard593521
Marianne Williamson563316
Tim Ryan473817
John Delaney483817
Tom Steyer442317
Michael Bennet41247
Steve Bullock2171
Joe Sestak15513
Wayne Messam10411

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Lean liberalSomewhat liberalExtremely liberal
Beto O'Rourke989892
Bernie Sanders959294
Joe Biden919294
Elizabeth Warren869289
Kamala Harris909089
Julian Castro908382
Cory Booker768183
Pete Buttigieg 797980
Andrew Yang736874
Bill de Blasio717374
Amy Klobuchar645970
Tulsi Gabbard555964
Marianne Williamson515662
Tim Ryan474353
John Delaney415051
Tom Steyer434052
Michael Bennet413450
Steve Bullock81712
Joe Sestak101717
Wayne Messam81012

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White/BlancoBlackHispanicAsianNative AmericanMixedOtherMiddle Eastern
Beto O'Rourke9493879010095100100
Bernie Sanders9188871009010072100
Joe Biden939082771009572100
Elizabeth Warren8783771009062100100
Kamala Harris848369779062100100
Julian Castro797469529056100100
Cory Booker798056359066100100
Pete Buttigieg 806255589062100100
Andrew Yang72564973909572100
Bill de Blasio72554549905172100
Amy Klobuchar675142279085100100
Tulsi Gabbard613535199085100100
Marianne Williamson593135274456100100
Tim Ryan52422512903962100
John Delaney50352612443672100
Tom Steyer44322312903732100
Michael Bennet42301920903522100
Steve Bullock167400110
Joe Sestak179670522100
Wayne Messam1175120500

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Beto O'Rourke9491
Bernie Sanders9189
Joe Biden8890
Elizabeth Warren7887
Kamala Harris7880
Julian Castro7772
Cory Booker7073
Pete Buttigieg 6668
Andrew Yang6560
Bill de Blasio5860
Amy Klobuchar5953
Tulsi Gabbard5641
Marianne Williamson4445
Tim Ryan4737
John Delaney4336
Tom Steyer4527
Michael Bennet3827
Steve Bullock1416
Joe Sestak168

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No HSHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Beto O'Rourke728595959793
Bernie Sanders918096919488
Joe Biden688394909291
Elizabeth Warren766387909392
Kamala Harris536183828992
Julian Castro476081718084
Cory Booker384975798485
Pete Buttigieg 364369698186
Andrew Yang454063647580
Bill de Blasio343662507974
Amy Klobuchar363061527270
Tulsi Gabbard432748486256
Marianne Williamson271948495860
Tim Ryan72650354852
John Delaney282143284953
Tom Steyer271739344641
Michael Bennet231835363742
Steve Bullock151191419
Joe Sestak1251191419
Wayne Messam03771113

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Beto O'Rourke99869097
Bernie Sanders86839396
Joe Biden83839495
Elizabeth Warren64808996
Kamala Harris59788786
Julian Castro58668187
Cory Booker59647981
Pete Buttigieg 55637376
Andrew Yang63606265
Bill de Blasio42566571
Amy Klobuchar36556265
Tulsi Gabbard44425052
Marianne Williamson38375642
Tim Ryan31374647
John Delaney35414432
Tom Steyer22254443
Michael Bennet26264032
Steve Bullock67106
Joe Sestak149138
Wayne Messam11884

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