Candidates Texas Democrats Would Not Support (September 2019)

Candidates Texas Democrats Would Not Support (September 2019)

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Joe Biden18
Marianne Williamson17
Bernie Sanders15
Bill de Blasio13
Beto O'Rourke13
John Delaney12
Elizabeth Warren12
Kamala Harris12
Amy Klobuchar10
Wayne Messam10
Tim Ryan10
Joe Sestak10
Tulsi Gabbard10
Michael Bennet9
Steve Bullock8
Pete Buttigieg 8
Tom Steyer8
Andrew Yang8
Cory Booker7
Julian Castro6

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Joe Biden1656
Marianne Williamson1721
Bernie Sanders1431
Bill de Blasio1140
Beto O'Rourke1134
John Delaney1219
Elizabeth Warren920
Kamala Harris1038
Amy Klobuchar920
Wayne Messam919
Tim Ryan913
Joe Sestak913
Tulsi Gabbard116
Michael Bennet814
Steve Bullock810
Pete Buttigieg 630
Tom Steyer813
Andrew Yang811
Cory Booker526

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Lean DemocratNot very strong DemocratStrong Democrat
Joe Biden281610
Marianne Williamson161618
Bernie Sanders151711
Bill de Blasio15119
Beto O'Rourke14159
John Delaney141111
Elizabeth Warren1597
Kamala Harris15108
Amy Klobuchar10118
Wayne Messam10611
Tim Ryan10611
Joe Sestak10610
Tulsi Gabbard16512
Michael Bennet1068
Steve Bullock1159
Pete Buttigieg 647
Tom Steyer1257
Andrew Yang1167
Cory Booker746
Julian Castro456

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Joe Biden18248
Marianne Williamson191322
Bernie Sanders112018
Bill de Blasio12167
Beto O'Rourke92120
John Delaney121115
Elizabeth Warren91224
Kamala Harris12156
Amy Klobuchar1197
Wayne Messam9918
Tim Ryan9819
Joe Sestak9823
Tulsi Gabbard1293
Michael Bennet9712
Steve Bullock9710
Pete Buttigieg 41114
Tom Steyer1073
Andrew Yang8811
Cory Booker5105
Julian Castro687

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Lean liberalSomewhat liberalExtremely liberal
Joe Biden161720
Marianne Williamson201919
Bernie Sanders12814
Bill de Blasio101412
Beto O'Rourke6811
John Delaney111115
Elizabeth Warren999
Kamala Harris19118
Amy Klobuchar111111
Wayne Messam13612
Tim Ryan10910
Joe Sestak11512
Tulsi Gabbard12916
Michael Bennet12711
Steve Bullock10712
Pete Buttigieg 644
Tom Steyer13613
Andrew Yang898
Cory Booker556
Julian Castro483

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Joe Biden21916
Marianne Williamson201121
Bernie Sanders16169
Bill de Blasio17910
Beto O'Rourke131114
John Delaney121413
Elizabeth Warren161011
Kamala Harris13169
Amy Klobuchar10109
Wayne Messam12107
Tim Ryan91011
Joe Sestak91011
Tulsi Gabbard11119
Michael Bennet7119
Steve Bullock7109
Pete Buttigieg 9124
Tom Steyer1087
Andrew Yang1177
Cory Booker786
Julian Castro885

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Joe Biden2613
Marianne Williamson1420
Bernie Sanders1316
Bill de Blasio1412
Beto O'Rourke1711
John Delaney1312
Elizabeth Warren159
Kamala Harris1213
Amy Klobuchar129
Wayne Messam119
Tim Ryan128
Joe Sestak119
Tulsi Gabbard129
Michael Bennet108
Steve Bullock117
Pete Buttigieg 87
Tom Steyer98
Andrew Yang79
Cory Booker95

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No HSHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Joe Biden212014221720
Marianne Williamson151613201724
Bernie Sanders24816231123
Bill de Blasio1577141821
Beto O'Rourke024924512
John Delaney2489211412
Elizabeth Warren32111614218
Kamala Harris13516221312
Amy Klobuchar1286191310
Wayne Messam1277171014
Tim Ryan126917911
Joe Sestak1251018912
Tulsi Gabbard1268201114
Michael Bennet1235221011
Steve Bullock1253171011
Pete Buttigieg 133616711
Tom Steyer125611911
Andrew Yang07818510
Cory Booker13571249
Julian Castro06314311

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Joe Biden3022715
Marianne Williamson14132317
Bernie Sanders4181321
Bill de Blasio5151613
Beto O'Rourke2713911
John Delaney10121313
Elizabeth Warren1581311
Kamala Harris6151511
Amy Klobuchar891112
Wayne Messam112149
Tim Ryan98128
Joe Sestak69129
Tulsi Gabbard910139
Michael Bennet69118
Steve Bullock58108
Pete Buttigieg 271011
Tom Steyer48126
Andrew Yang107106
Cory Booker6696
Julian Castro18710

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