Democratic Presidential Primary Vote Choice (February 2020)

Democratic Presidential Primary Vote Choice (February 2020)

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Bernie Sanders24%
Joseph R. Biden22%
Elizabeth Warren15%
Michael R. Bloomberg10%
Pete Buttigieg7%
Andrew Yang6%
Amy Klobuchar3%
Tom Steyer3%
Tulsi Gabbard2%
Michael Bennet1%
Kamala Harris1%
Roque De La Fuente1%
Julián Castro1%
Cory Booker1%

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Bernie Sanders26%3%7%
Joseph R. Biden22%24%20%
Elizabeth Warren18%0%3%
Michael R. Bloomberg10%19%2%
Pete Buttigieg6%9%10%
Andrew Yang5%18%16%
Amy Klobuchar3%3%5%
Tom Steyer2%12%0%
Tulsi Gabbard1%6%16%
Michael Bennet1%0%0%
Kamala Harris1%0%0%
Roque De La Fuente1%0%0%
Julián Castro1%2%3%
Cory Booker1%0%0%
Someone else2%3%10%

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CategoryLean DemocratNot very strong DemocratStrong Democrat
Bernie Sanders32%32%19%
Joseph R. Biden17%21%26%
Elizabeth Warren12%14%23%
Michael R. Bloomberg12%10%10%
Pete Buttigieg11%4%4%
Andrew Yang7%2%4%
Amy Klobuchar3%2%3%
Tom Steyer0%0%4%
Tulsi Gabbard2%1%1%
Michael Bennet1%2%0%
Kamala Harris0%4%1%
Roque De La Fuente2%1%0%
Julián Castro0%2%0%
Cory Booker1%1%1%
Someone else0%2%3%

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Bernie Sanders31%12%17%
Joseph R. Biden20%27%20%
Elizabeth Warren22%7%3%
Michael R. Bloomberg7%16%10%
Pete Buttigieg6%8%5%
Andrew Yang6%7%7%
Amy Klobuchar3%2%3%
Tom Steyer1%3%11%
Tulsi Gabbard1%5%5%
Michael Bennet0%1%4%
Kamala Harris0%2%3%
Roque De La Fuente1%0%0%
Julián Castro0%2%0%
Cory Booker0%2%0%
Someone else1%4%8%

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CategoryLean liberalSomewhat liberalExtremely liberal
Bernie Sanders25%23%45%
Joseph R. Biden25%23%11%
Elizabeth Warren12%23%30%
Michael R. Bloomberg6%9%5%
Pete Buttigieg5%11%1%
Andrew Yang12%4%3%
Amy Klobuchar5%4%1%
Tom Steyer1%1%0%
Tulsi Gabbard1%0%2%
Michael Bennet0%0%0%
Roque De La Fuente4%0%0%
Julián Castro0%1%0%
Cory Booker0%0%1%
Someone else4%0%0%

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Bernie Sanders24%12%31%
Joseph R. Biden18%34%24%
Elizabeth Warren20%12%9%
Michael R. Bloomberg10%8%10%
Pete Buttigieg10%1%6%
Andrew Yang7%7%4%
Amy Klobuchar4%1%2%
Tom Steyer1%7%3%
Tulsi Gabbard3%3%1%
Michael Bennet1%2%1%
Kamala Harris0%3%1%
Roque De La Fuente1%0%1%
Julián Castro0%0%2%
Cory Booker0%4%1%
Someone else1%6%4%

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Bernie Sanders23%24%
Joseph R. Biden20%24%
Elizabeth Warren14%16%
Michael R. Bloomberg8%12%
Pete Buttigieg7%6%
Andrew Yang9%4%
Amy Klobuchar3%3%
Tom Steyer4%2%
Tulsi Gabbard3%2%
Michael Bennet1%0%
Kamala Harris0%2%
Roque De La Fuente1%0%
Julián Castro1%0%
Cory Booker0%1%
Someone else4%3%

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Bernie Sanders27%22%20%
Joseph R. Biden17%25%24%
Elizabeth Warren16%17%7%
Michael R. Bloomberg9%11%10%
Pete Buttigieg6%7%7%
Andrew Yang4%6%12%
Amy Klobuchar2%3%5%
Tom Steyer5%1%2%
Tulsi Gabbard2%2%5%
Michael Bennet0%1%0%
Kamala Harris1%1%0%
Roque De La Fuente2%0%0%
Julián Castro1%1%1%
Cory Booker1%0%2%
Someone else5%2%3%

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Bernie Sanders37%29%16%9%
Joseph R. Biden9%16%28%41%
Elizabeth Warren13%15%18%13%
Michael R. Bloomberg2%8%15%15%
Pete Buttigieg9%8%5%3%
Andrew Yang13%7%2%1%
Amy Klobuchar3%1%4%5%
Tom Steyer6%0%2%6%
Tulsi Gabbard0%4%3%2%
Michael Bennet0%2%1%0%
Kamala Harris2%2%0%0%
Roque De La Fuente1%1%0%0%
Julián Castro2%1%0%0%
Cory Booker0%2%1%0%
Someone else3%2%4%2%

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CategoryNo HSHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Bernie Sanders12%23%26%30%25%14%
Joseph R. Biden7%30%21%20%17%23%
Elizabeth Warren9%9%12%19%21%20%
Michael R. Bloomberg31%7%10%11%10%12%
Pete Buttigieg12%6%5%6%6%11%
Andrew Yang0%7%8%2%6%3%
Amy Klobuchar0%1%3%0%3%6%
Tom Steyer0%8%3%1%0%1%
Tulsi Gabbard0%1%1%5%3%6%
Michael Bennet0%1%0%3%1%1%
Kamala Harris0%3%0%0%1%0%
Roque De La Fuente0%1%0%1%1%0%
Julián Castro0%0%1%0%1%0%
Cory Booker13%1%1%0%0%0%
Someone else16%3%6%1%1%0%

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CategoryExtremely importantSomewhat importantNot very importantNot at all important
Bernie Sanders10%21%31%35%
Joseph R. Biden35%30%7%11%
Elizabeth Warren14%9%22%18%
Michael R. Bloomberg11%12%12%7%
Pete Buttigieg3%5%7%11%
Andrew Yang2%11%7%6%
Amy Klobuchar2%1%6%3%
Tom Steyer7%1%1%0%
Tulsi Gabbard4%2%1%2%
Michael Bennet1%2%1%0%
Kamala Harris3%0%0%0%
Roque De La Fuente0%2%0%0%
Julián Castro0%1%2%0%
Cory Booker1%1%1%0%
Someone else5%0%1%4%

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CategoryThe Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word.The Bible is the word of God but not everything in it should be taken literally, word for word.The Bible is a book written by men and is not the word of God.Don't know.
Bernie Sanders12%17%33%29%
Joseph R. Biden34%28%14%18%
Elizabeth Warren12%12%20%11%
Michael R. Bloomberg14%11%8%8%
Pete Buttigieg1%5%11%5%
Andrew Yang0%12%5%2%
Amy Klobuchar1%3%4%3%
Tom Steyer8%3%0%2%
Tulsi Gabbard3%2%2%3%
Michael Bennet1%2%0%0%
Kamala Harris2%1%1%0%
Roque De La Fuente2%1%0%0%
Julián Castro1%1%0%0%
Cory Booker1%0%0%7%
Someone else5%3%2%7%

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