Greg Abbott Issue Area Job Approval (October 2022)

Greg Abbott Issue Area Job Approval (October 2022)

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Immigration & border security50%
The economy47%
Crime & public safety46%
Gun violence42%
Health care41%
Inflation & prices40%
Public education40%
The electric grid38%
Abortion access38%
Climate change33%

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Immigration & border security11%40%88%
The economy13%35%82%
Crime & public safety11%31%84%
Gun violence11%28%76%
Health care13%22%69%
Inflation & prices10%22%73%
Public education11%26%73%
The electric grid11%25%69%
Abortion access9%31%67%
Climate change10%26%57%

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CategoryLean DemocratNot very strong DemocratStrong Democrat
Immigration & border security6%21%8%
The economy8%23%10%
Crime & public safety3%20%8%
Gun violence5%25%8%
Health care3%24%12%
Inflation & prices2%20%8%
Public education4%19%10%
The electric grid4%21%9%
Abortion access2%22%7%
Climate change0%24%9%

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CategoryLean RepublicanNot very strong RepublicanStrong Republican
Immigration & border security90%73%93%
The economy81%63%88%
Crime & public safety80%64%93%
Gun violence68%61%84%
Health care61%53%78%
Inflation & prices61%53%83%
Public education65%56%82%
The electric grid63%47%78%
Abortion access61%49%74%
Climate change55%49%61%

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Immigration & border security11%36%85%
The economy11%32%80%
Crime & public safety10%29%82%
Gun violence10%27%73%
Health care10%30%67%
Inflation & prices9%27%70%
Public education8%29%69%
The electric grid10%29%64%
Abortion access7%26%66%
Climate change9%26%53%

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CategoryLean liberalSomewhat liberalExtremely liberal
Immigration & border security15%9%9%
The economy11%12%10%
Crime & public safety11%8%13%
Gun violence9%7%16%
Health care6%9%12%
Inflation & prices4%7%13%
Public education5%7%11%
The electric grid6%10%14%
Abortion access6%6%9%
Climate change3%10%13%

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CategoryLean conservativeSomewhat conservativeExtremely conservative
Immigration & border security70%88%92%
The economy61%81%89%
Crime & public safety62%84%90%
Gun violence56%72%84%
Health care50%65%78%
Inflation & prices52%67%81%
Public education53%68%82%
The electric grid49%63%77%
Abortion access42%62%85%
Climate change39%54%61%

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Immigration & border security61%28%40%
The economy56%26%38%
Crime & public safety57%27%35%
Gun violence51%22%33%
Health care45%30%36%
Inflation & prices49%19%33%
Public education48%23%34%
The electric grid47%24%31%
Abortion access44%27%30%
Climate change37%19%30%

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Immigration & border security54%47%
The economy54%41%
Crime & public safety51%42%
Gun violence48%36%
Health care44%37%
Inflation & prices46%35%
Public education43%39%
The electric grid44%34%
Abortion access42%34%
Climate change37%29%

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Immigration & border security37%52%64%
The economy37%46%61%
Crime & public safety37%47%60%
Gun violence34%41%56%
Health care38%39%48%
Inflation & prices33%39%53%
Public education35%40%53%
The electric grid34%37%51%
Abortion access31%37%51%
Climate change27%33%42%

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Immigration & border security39%42%56%59%
The economy39%39%53%52%
Crime & public safety38%40%50%55%
Gun violence36%36%43%49%
Health care39%36%40%47%
Inflation & prices37%35%40%48%
Public education33%34%43%51%
The electric grid32%35%40%48%
Abortion access30%36%39%44%
Climate change31%33%34%35%

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CategoryNo HSHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Immigration & border security54%53%46%51%51%49%
The economy47%53%43%38%46%51%
Crime & public safety48%48%41%44%49%47%
Gun violence48%44%41%36%44%37%
Health care48%47%32%43%42%36%
Inflation & prices42%44%38%33%40%39%
Public education41%46%35%29%44%41%
The electric grid41%43%33%32%41%39%
Abortion access40%38%36%37%41%33%
Climate change34%35%30%28%35%33%

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CategoryExtremely importantSomewhat importantNot very importantNot at all important
Immigration & border security66%49%44%25%
The economy62%45%37%24%
Crime & public safety63%44%39%23%
Gun violence58%41%33%18%
Health care58%37%31%18%
Inflation & prices55%37%37%18%
Public education56%41%30%17%
The electric grid56%37%30%15%
Abortion access59%32%23%15%
Climate change44%35%23%17%

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CategoryThe Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word.The Bible is the word of God but not everything in it should be taken literally, word for word.The Bible is a book written by men and is not the word of God.Don't know.
Immigration & border security65%57%25%43%
The economy59%55%21%40%
Crime & public safety59%54%22%45%
Gun violence56%47%21%28%
Health care57%44%18%28%
Inflation & prices52%46%19%31%
Public education58%45%17%31%
The electric grid54%43%18%33%
Abortion access58%43%12%19%
Climate change41%40%16%20%

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