Republican Candidates Texas Republicans Would Not Support (November 2015)

Republican Candidates Texas Republicans Would Not Support (November 2015)

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categoryWon't Support
Jeb Bush25%
Lindsey Graham22%
George Pataki20%
Chris Christie18%
Jim Gilmore18%
Donald Trump16%
John Kasich16%
Rand Paul15%
Rick Santorum14%
Mike Huckabee11%
Bobby Jindal10%
Marco Rubio9%
Carly Fiorina9%
Ted Cruz8%
Ben Carson7%

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Jeb Bush1%18%48%
Lindsey Graham1%17%41%
George Pataki1%14%36%
Chris Christie1%16%32%
Jim Gilmore1%14%33%
Donald Trump2%13%36%
John Kasich1%14%29%
Rand Paul1%10%30%
Rick Santorum2%14%25%
Mike Huckabee1%15%18%
Bobby Jindal1%8%19%
Marco Rubio1%11%17%
Carly Fiorina3%9%15%
Ted Cruz2%9%18%
Ben Carson2%11%11%

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Lean RepublicanNot very strong RepublicanStrong Republican
Jeb Bush56%35%50%
Lindsey Graham49%27%44%
George Pataki40%23%42%
Chris Christie36%25%34%
Jim Gilmore37%21%38%
Donald Trump24%43%39%
John Kasich33%19%31%
Rand Paul31%19%36%
Rick Santorum24%19%30%
Mike Huckabee18%17%19%
Bobby Jindal17%18%20%
Marco Rubio20%13%17%
Carly Fiorina13%17%15%
Ted Cruz27%16%14%
Ben Carson9%9%13%

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Jeb Bush2%9%45%
Lindsey Graham1%7%41%
George Pataki1%6%37%
Chris Christie2%6%32%
Jim Gilmore1%5%33%
Donald Trump2%9%30%
John Kasich0%4%30%
Rand Paul1%5%29%
Rick Santorum2%7%25%
Mike Huckabee1%6%18%
Bobby Jindal2%6%17%
Marco Rubio1%5%17%
Carly Fiorina4%6%14%
Ted Cruz4%6%14%
Ben Carson3%5%10%

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Leaning conservativeSomewhat conservativeExtremely conservative
Jeb Bush31%43%57%
Lindsey Graham25%42%51%
George Pataki25%37%45%
Chris Christie20%34%38%
Jim Gilmore23%35%39%
Donald Trump32%31%28%
John Kasich18%27%40%
Rand Paul21%30%32%
Rick Santorum22%24%28%
Mike Huckabee17%20%15%
Bobby Jindal20%16%17%
Marco Rubio13%16%20%
Carly Fiorina14%14%13%
Ted Cruz21%10%11%
Ben Carson14%10%6%

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DemocratRepublicanTea Party
Jeb Bush1%36%69%
Lindsey Graham1%28%62%
George Pataki1%25%55%
Chris Christie2%28%42%
Jim Gilmore1%24%49%
Donald Trump2%46%27%
John Kasich0%19%49%
Rand Paul1%30%37%
Rick Santorum2%23%31%
Mike Huckabee2%17%21%
Bobby Jindal2%21%16%
Marco Rubio1%20%17%
Carly Fiorina3%18%14%
Ted Cruz3%23%6%
Ben Carson3%12%12%

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Jeb Bush35%3%12%
Lindsey Graham32%3%8%
George Pataki28%2%8%
Chris Christie25%2%9%
Jim Gilmore25%2%8%
Donald Trump22%1%12%
John Kasich24%2%9%
Rand Paul22%2%6%
Rick Santorum21%1%5%
Mike Huckabee15%2%4%
Bobby Jindal15%0%5%
Marco Rubio13%2%6%
Carly Fiorina12%2%6%
Ted Cruz12%0%7%
Ben Carson9%0%6%

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Jeb Bush30%20%
Lindsey Graham29%16%
George Pataki26%14%
Chris Christie22%13%
Jim Gilmore23%13%
Donald Trump17%15%
John Kasich23%9%
Rand Paul18%14%
Rick Santorum18%12%
Mike Huckabee13%8%
Bobby Jindal12%9%
Marco Rubio11%8%
Carly Fiorina10%8%
Ted Cruz9%8%
Ben Carson8%5%

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Jeb Bush19%25%32%
Lindsey Graham15%23%30%
George Pataki16%18%28%
Chris Christie10%17%30%
Jim Gilmore14%17%26%
Donald Trump16%15%19%
John Kasich15%14%21%
Rand Paul11%16%20%
Rick Santorum11%14%19%
Mike Huckabee9%11%11%
Bobby Jindal9%10%15%
Marco Rubio7%9%14%
Carly Fiorina7%9%11%
Ted Cruz9%9%7%
Ben Carson7%6%9%

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Jeb Bush11%19%28%33%
Lindsey Graham7%15%26%35%
George Pataki7%13%21%34%
Chris Christie8%14%21%22%
Jim Gilmore6%12%20%29%
Donald Trump19%16%14%16%
John Kasich5%13%18%23%
Rand Paul4%10%17%26%
Rick Santorum6%12%14%25%
Mike Huckabee6%9%13%11%
Bobby Jindal5%7%11%16%
Marco Rubio5%8%10%13%
Carly Fiorina5%8%11%8%
Ted Cruz4%11%10%5%
Ben Carson6%6%8%5%

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Extremely importantSomewhat importantNot very importantNot at all important
Jeb Bush28%26%23%12%
Lindsey Graham24%25%22%10%
George Pataki22%23%15%8%
Chris Christie20%18%15%9%
Jim Gilmore20%19%16%7%
Donald Trump19%15%17%9%
John Kasich17%17%13%6%
Rand Paul17%19%12%5%
Rick Santorum12%21%12%8%
Mike Huckabee9%13%10%10%
Bobby Jindal9%14%10%7%
Marco Rubio9%10%8%6%
Carly Fiorina10%10%8%6%
Ted Cruz8%10%8%8%
Ben Carson5%8%4%10%

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The Bible is the word of God, to be taken literallyThe Bible is the word of God, not to be taken literallyThe Bible is a book written by men
Jeb Bush28%29%16%
Lindsey Graham23%29%14%
George Pataki20%26%11%
Chris Christie19%23%10%
Jim Gilmore19%23%11%
Donald Trump17%18%15%
John Kasich18%19%8%
Rand Paul15%21%9%
Rick Santorum11%19%14%
Mike Huckabee7%13%13%
Bobby Jindal9%14%9%
Marco Rubio8%11%7%
Carly Fiorina10%10%8%
Ted Cruz4%10%13%
Ben Carson3%7%10%

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