Republican Presidential Primary Vote Choice (February 2015)

Republican Presidential Primary Vote Choice (February 2015)

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Ted Cruz20%
Rick Perry8%
Ben Carson9%
Jeb Bush9%
Rand Paul4%
Mike Huckabee5%
Marco Rubio4%
Chris Christie2%
Bobby Jindal1%
Scott Walker19%
Rick Santorum1%
John Kasich1%
Carly Fiorina0%
John Bolton0%
Lindsey Graham0%
Sarah Palin3%
No Opinion13%

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categoryLean RepublicanNot very strong RepublicanStrong Republican
Ted Cruz27%17%21%
Rick Perry4%6%9%
Ben Carson10%8%10%
Jeb Bush9%8%11%
Rand Paul6%7%3%
Mike Huckabee4%2%8%
Marco Rubio3%5%3%
Chris Christie2%0%2%
Bobby Jindal2%3%0%
Scott Walker22%16%18%
Rick Santorum2%1%0%
John Kasich1%1%0%
Carly Fiorina1%0%0%
Lindsey Graham0%0%1%
Sarah Palin2%2%3%
No Opinion6%23%10%

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categoryLeaning conservativeSomewhat conservativeExtremely conservative
Ted Cruz10%19%33%
Rick Perry7%7%8%
Ben Carson9%8%14%
Jeb Bush13%11%5%
Rand Paul8%4%2%
Mike Huckabee3%5%7%
Marco Rubio9%3%3%
Chris Christie3%1%3%
Bobby Jindal2%1%2%
Scott Walker22%25%14%
Rick Santorum1%0%0%
John Kasich2%1%0%
Carly Fiorina0%1%0%
John Bolton0%1%0%
Lindsey Graham1%0%0%
Sarah Palin1%3%2%
No Opinion9%12%7%

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categoryRepublicanTea Party
Ted Cruz16%34%
Rick Perry11%5%
Ben Carson7%14%
Jeb Bush15%4%
Rand Paul3%4%
Mike Huckabee6%4%
Marco Rubio4%3%
Chris Christie4%1%
Bobby Jindal1%2%
Scott Walker15%21%
Rick Santorum1%0%
John Kasich0%1%
John Bolton0%0%
Lindsey Graham1%0%
Sarah Palin2%3%
No Opinion14%6%

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Ted Cruz24%17%
Rick Perry3%12%
Ben Carson8%10%
Jeb Bush10%9%
Rand Paul4%4%
Mike Huckabee5%6%
Marco Rubio4%4%
Chris Christie3%2%
Bobby Jindal2%1%
Scott Walker22%16%
Rick Santorum0%1%
John Kasich1%0%
Carly Fiorina0%0%
John Bolton0%0%
Lindsey Graham1%0%
Sarah Palin3%3%
No Opinion10%15%

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Ted Cruz22%18%25%16%
Rick Perry7%10%5%9%
Ben Carson2%12%8%11%
Jeb Bush9%10%9%10%
Rand Paul2%9%4%2%
Mike Huckabee8%4%3%8%
Marco Rubio2%2%4%6%
Chris Christie9%1%2%2%
Bobby Jindal0%2%2%0%
Scott Walker7%11%20%25%
Rick Santorum1%1%1%0%
John Kasich2%0%1%0%
Carly Fiorina0%0%0%0%
John Bolton0%2%0%0%
Lindsey Graham0%1%0%0%
Sarah Palin5%2%4%2%
No Opinion24%15%11%10%

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categoryNo high schoolHigh school graduateSome college2-year4-yearPost-grad
Ted Cruz24%19%20%17%25%17%
Rick Perry8%9%9%5%8%1%
Ben Carson0%9%5%3%9%21%
Jeb Bush0%11%9%16%7%10%
Rand Paul0%2%5%0%5%9%
Mike Huckabee15%7%5%12%3%0%
Marco Rubio17%3%3%4%4%5%
Chris Christie0%4%2%5%1%0%
Bobby Jindal0%2%2%6%0%0%
Scott Walker0%16%19%16%19%30%
Rick Santorum0%2%0%1%1%0%
John Kasich0%1%2%0%0%0%
Carly Fiorina0%0%0%0%1%0%
John Bolton0%0%1%0%1%0%
Lindsey Graham0%0%0%4%0%0%
Sarah Palin17%1%4%4%4%0%
No Opinion19%14%15%6%14%7%

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Ted Cruz22%20%20%
Rick Perry4%7%12%
Ben Carson7%9%11%
Jeb Bush10%9%9%
Rand Paul8%3%3%
Mike Huckabee3%5%8%
Marco Rubio7%3%4%
Chris Christie3%3%0%
Bobby Jindal1%2%1%
Scott Walker14%21%18%
Rick Santorum1%1%1%
John Kasich1%1%0%
Carly Fiorina1%0%0%
John Bolton1%0%0%
Lindsey Graham0%1%0%
Sarah Palin2%4%2%
No Opinion16%12%11%

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Ted Cruz19%0%26%
Rick Perry8%0%9%
Ben Carson10%19%2%
Jeb Bush10%0%12%
Rand Paul5%0%1%
Mike Huckabee6%0%2%
Marco Rubio4%0%8%
Chris Christie2%12%3%
Bobby Jindal1%0%2%
Scott Walker19%32%19%
Rick Santorum1%0%0%
John Kasich1%0%0%
Carly Fiorina0%0%0%
John Bolton0%0%0%
Lindsey Graham0%0%0%
Sarah Palin3%0%2%
No Opinion12%37%16%

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